Shantou 2017 will officially cancel the ticket only Queshi Bridge toll-puritans pride

Shantou 2017 will officially cancel the ticket only charge of Queshi Bridge in Beijing November 1 Shantou Xinhua (reporter Li Yiqing) Shantou City vote whether to cancel the charges of concern. 1 reporter learned from Shantou city Luqiao toll management department, the Guangdong provincial government has approved the Shantou city in 2017 to cancel the annual ticket system toll collection scheme. According to reports, the Guangdong provincial government approved the Shantou city since January 1, 2017 to cancel the tolls in vote, no longer receive ticket ticket, ordinary road ticket and commissioned on behalf of the highway. Is still in the "Regulations" management of highway toll collection period of Queshi Bridge, Luqiao, Jin Hong Road, Jinfeng Chensha Road four projects, four projects can be charged by the end of 2015, the debt balance of about 2 billion 290 million yuan. Cancel the ticket system, retaining only the charge of Queshi Bridge project, the rest of the remaining debt cancellation fees, and daily maintenance funds as the toll payments gap year and financial situation, given up by the Shantou municipal finance, government pay, reducing the burden of huimin. Shantou Luqiao city management fee charges, said that the implementation of Queshi Bridge ticket packages and two ways for the public to choose. One is in charge, one is to buy discount packages, charges have been reported according to the procedure. Due to the traffic flow of Queshi Bridge is larger, management will be in charge of Queshi Bridge station set up two-way eight Lane ETC and artificial toll lane, encourage motor vehicle fee through rapid installation buckle unitoll electronic tag, Luqiao city will be combined with the Agricultural Bank of China Shantou branch, United Electric Service Company to carry out the installation of unitoll service, by point the installation, on-site installation, installation and other forms of flow provide convenient measures. Queshi Bridge standards and specific charges will be adjusted by the public, and freedom of choice. (end) responsibility editor: GDN003相关的主题文章: