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Shanghai tobacco control law experts: indoor smoking ban should not have special new network in the central broadcasting network Shanghai on November 13th news (reporter Che Li) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that the vote on the thirty-three meeting of the fourteen session of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress on Amending the "Shanghai through the control of smoking in public places Ordinance" decision to modify after the Shanghai tobacco control regulations "indoor public places, indoor workplaces and public transport smoke-free", and further expand the scope of outdoor smoking in public places, to ensure the public from "secondhand smoke". At present, China has 18 city issued a national tobacco control laws and regulations, but also promote the tobacco control legislation is wildly beating gongs and drums. "Tobacco control" the last one kilometer of the national tobacco control legislation how to promote? The revised "Shanghai city ordinance" the control of smoking in public places, the new regulations will be officially implemented in March 1st next year, from the past the restaurant, hotel and entertainment places allow smoking area into indoor smoking ban, the biggest change is the new regulations, which were also people simply summarized as "top cover" place not smoking, and offenders will be sentenced to a maximum of 200 yuan of personal. Ding Wei, director of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress Law Committee said, through the investigation, the Law Committee learned that in practice there are some special properties because of the production, production or special types need to set the indoor smoking room, smoking room or closed, referring to the domestic and foreign related tobacco control legislation, starting from the actual specific requirements of special administrative management. To indoor smoking can be stipulated by the competent administrative department of government. Famous cardiovascular experts, President Hu Dayi expressed concern about the Chinese Tobacco Control Association, on this article he pointed out: "here the" special "concept is not clear, that will expand the scope of implementation." From his point of view, there is no "special circumstances" and "special reasons" for the protection of public health. Beijing Capital Medical University public health professor Cui Xiaobo has done an experiment, a 35 square meter room, if there are three people smoking, the value of PM2.5 can reach more than 1700, to achieve the most serious haze value of more than three times. Professor Cui Xiaobo said that the establishment of indoor smoking area, to protect non-smokers, there is no meaning. Smoke in the air will be elegant, set the smoking area, do not allow smoking here, there is no smoking, smoke can be floated here. This policy is like a pool, in the middle of a painting, this side can urinate, there can not be, the last pool of water with urine, it will be evenly distributed in each place. Shanghai tobacco control law in addition to the "indoor ban", part of the outdoor public areas will also ban. Including public kindergartens, schools, children’s palace, Youth Activity Center, education and training institutions and children’s welfare homes to minors main activities of the crowd, and stadiums, venues and competition performances, the audience seating area; public transport and open to public the cultural relics protection units and the crowd waiting area. At present, China has 18 city issued regulations on tobacco control, the implementation of the Beijing indoor.相关的主题文章: