Shanghai released about the new regulations about the draft Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai brand xpphone

Shanghai release network about cars: the need to draft new regulations of Shanghai Shanghai license (original title: Shanghai release network about cars need to draft new regulations Shanghai Shanghai) in October 8th, the relevant departments of Shanghai city officially released the network about cars new draft rules, solicit public opinions. In accordance with the draft new regulations, Shanghai network about cars need Shanghai Ji, Shanghai brand, the new regulations also on the driver, vehicle access, etc. made clear. In order to ensure the occurrence of liability accidents or service disputes, according to the law in accordance with the regulations of the network about the company’s responsibility to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Network about car platform company must have the corresponding online and offline service capabilities, the provisions of the provisions of the following conditions: first, the city’s non registered enterprise legal person should be established in the city branch. Two network service platform should be connected to the Shanghai municipal traffic administrative department industry management platform. Three is the number of registered vehicles and drivers in Shanghai to adapt to the office space, service outlets and managers. Four is to insure the adult liability insurance. In accordance with the new regulations, Shanghai network booking taxi and taxi operators to implement differentiated business. In order to ensure the network to provide personalized service about car traffic preset safety and comfort for passengers, in addition to interim measures to meet the set conditions, the new regulations with the following conditions: from the angle of green, should fully consider the influence factors of road capacity and environmental capacity conditions, moderate development of network about cars in the premise of insisting on the priority development of public transport under the. To this end, the addition of a network of vehicles should be registered in the city, motor vehicle emissions targets to reach more than five of the country’s emissions. From the view of safety, the vehicle should be through the business of environmental protection and safety performance of vehicle detection, should the insured business intercourse strong insurance, commercial third party liability insurance, passenger accident insurance, fixed vehicle satellite positioning should be installed in accordance with the standard. And data access to the industry regulatory platform, while the installation of emergency information to the public security organs to send emergency alarm devices, etc.. From the comfort point of view, the vehicle’s wheelbase should reach a certain standard. Where the network about the vehicle for fuel vehicles, the wheelbase should reach 2700 mm or more; for new energy vehicles, the wheelbase should reach more than 2650 mm. About the qualifications of the driver about the car, in the country on the basis of the Interim Provisions of the driver’s condition, the city network about car drivers should have the city’s household registration conditions. At the same time in order to protect the safety of the vehicle operation, the safety of passengers and personal property, the city network about the driver should hold the city public security organs issued a motor vehicle driver’s license. From the filing date of the previous year is no more than five times of driving a motor vehicle on road traffic safety violations behavior, since the date of application of five years ago, no revoked cruising taxi qualification record. As of the date of the application, no more than five road violations overdue treatment has not yet been accepted. About the operation of the network about the car, in order to maintain a fair market environment, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers and drivers. Net about car market car platform, the network about the company shall strictly implement the provisions of the price tag. On the strengthening of supervision and management, in order to strengthen the network about car service behavior, service quality supervision, in addition to the provisions of the Interim Provisions of the implementation of supervision,)相关的主题文章: