Shaanxi nearly 600 girls were sent to stand on duty, vice president and other people to write checks-tonya mitchell

Shaanxi nearly 600 girls were standing vice president and other duty continued: 4 people to write checks the original title: Vice President of Duty 4 people write checks China Baoji daily news (reporter Ding Yu) yesterday, the China Daily reported the A09 version of the Qishan County high school dormitory Yidian is still a student in the high noisy, the whole building nearly 600 students were left standing after a Qishan County Education Sports Bureau immediately set up a joint investigation team to conduct a comprehensive investigation and verification, and the responsible people to deal with. Qishan County Education Sports Bureau investigators said, by viewing the night surveillance video, when the teacher asked 3 things, and written statements were randomly selected from three grade 12 students, learned that the investigation, due to the recent boarding girls do not rest on time, noisy and dormitory health is poor, on the evening of September 20th at 9:50 in the night after the self-study, apartment building teacher of all girls (total of 509) to front apartment unified discipline education and housekeeping training, 54 minutes from the students return to dormitory downstairs to the whole process. According to the investigation of the facts, Qishan County Education Sports Bureau of senior vice president of leadership on duty that night Yi Dian Tang and 3 dorm staff were severely criticized, and ordered to make a written examination. The investigators said, this reflects the education sector in the student management work, there are some deficiencies and loopholes. The future will take this as a warning, to further strengthen the moral education, to strengthen the management of boarding students, take a scientific way in the future work, seriously listen to the students and parents good opinions and suggestions, criticism and accept the supervision of the community, achieve scientific management, humanistic management. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: