Severe fog and haze in Beijing, Tianjin and Tianjin, Baoding and other places to force all site down-sweets parade

Severe fog and haze in Beijing, Tianjin and Tianjin, Baoding and other places to force all site downtime – Sohu news source: visual china. Recently, the North China affected by adverse weather conditions, air quality to achieve a high level of pollution. The Central Meteorological Observatory is expected, the night of 13 to 14, parts of central and southern North China, Huang Huai and other places in the West had mild to moderate haze, local severe haze; 15, affected by precipitation, the region of the haze weather tends to weaken dissipated, the Central Meteorological Station in October 13th 18 released haze yellow warning. Currently, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, a number of cities have also issued a warning of heavy pollution weather and start corresponding countermeasures. Beijing City, heavy air pollution emergency headquarters office 13, released 16 heavy air pollution blue warning said, "at present, the North China area affected by adverse weather conditions, accumulation of pollutants, air quality in Beijing City reached 5 heavy pollution level, according to the forecast, the 14 day will remain unfavorable weather conditions, air quality as the" 5 severe pollution ", is expected to 15, affected by precipitation, air quality will gradually improve. In addition, the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a "13 16:30 haze yellow warning signal, is expected to 13 to 14 at night, Beijing city will have a" moderate haze, visibility is low. In accordance with the relevant contingency plans, heavy air pollution blue warning "haze yellow warning" starts, the general public need to be "Mask" to reduce outdoor sports and health protection, advised the public to take public transportation, parking stall time. Construction sites, bare ground, material stacking and other places should increase the intensity of dust control measures, sewage units to strengthen emission reduction measures. By static stability weather, Tianjin city on the morning of 13 appeared to severe haze weather, the air pollutant dispersion conditions, air quality reached severe pollution levels in the morning, the Tianjin Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a haze yellow warning signal and start a level III emergency response measures. The measures include Tianjin to stop all construction, demolition, municipal, roads, water conservancy, greening, telecommunications and other construction site earthwork operations; all the cement grinding station, waste storage point stop production and operation; key polluting industrial enterprises in addition to gas emissions have reached the standard of coal-fired facilities, all coal-fired facilities, limiting the rest strengthening management and other measures to ensure that sulfur dioxide, smoke (powder) dust, nitrogen oxide emissions by 20% or reached the gas emission standards; take use of low sulfur coal, improve the efficiency of pollution control facilities, compressed production load measures for general pollution enterprises, to ensure that the sulfur dioxide, smoke (powder) in the current emission standard limit the following 80% dust, NOx emission control. North China is another focus of air pollution in Shijiazhuang city in October 11th 24 to start heavy pollution weather warning yellow, and sewage pollution control units of production processes, reduce pollutant emissions; use the public to reduce paint and solvents containing volatile organic compounds in raw materials and products, to travel by public transport, reduce a motor vehicle on the road, reduce outdoor sports and outdoor work time. 6 points this morning.相关的主题文章: