Senior high school entrance examination in Shaanxi province next year in time for the June 28th to 2 tianbi

Senior high school entrance examination in Shaanxi province next year in time for the June 28th to 29 A total of 7 families 5 volumes of newspaper news (reporter Zhang Yangang) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of education, in 2017 the province’s senior high school entrance examination examination time for the June 28th to 29. Next year, the province’s unified organization of the test subjects for language, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, ideology and morality and history, a total of 5 volumes of 7. Each subject test score value and test time were: 120 points of language, time for 150 minutes; 120 points in math, time for 120 minutes; 120 minutes in English (including listening 25), time for 120 minutes; physics and chemistry, volume 120 points (70 points, 50 points of Physical Chemistry), for the 120 time min; moral and historical volume 100 points (60 points of moral history, 40), time for 100 minutes. Moral and historical practice open book examination, other subjects are closed book. Chinese is a volume system, other subjects are two volumes. The academic examination scores by the score, presents by the rank. Test scores A (excellent), B (good), C (qualified), D (unqualified) four grades. Academic achievement above C level (including C level) for junior high school students graduation requirements. The implementation of physical examination, specific measures in accordance with the notice of the Provincial Department of education. Score in junior high school graduation examination score. Physical examination scores out of 50 points, of which the usual assessment results accounted for 15 points (PE scores of 9 points, "national student physical health standard" test score of 6 points); unified test scores accounted for 35 points. Unified examination time in the nine semester of grade second, allowing candidates to carry the scientific calculator into the mathematical model, physics and chemistry examination room. Provincial Department of education, public high school should not exceed the plan, inter city enrollment. Throughout the province to the provincial model high school, provincial standardized high school enrollment plan is not less than 50% of the rational allocation of junior high school in the region, the distribution of the advance to the public. (Shaanxi media network – Shaanxi Metropolis Daily)相关的主题文章: