Self driving Ejina look at the scenery or listen to the sour, sweet, bitter, hot dazzling beautiful

Self driving Ejina: look at the scenery or listen to the sour, sweet, bitter, hot dazzling beautiful elegy? Sohu Vin Tuhr J (son of self driving tourism in the north of Inner Mongolia road Buji four) began in July this year the North Road car Inner Mongolia, Hulun Buir from July 4th Ewenk started, all the way Inner Mongolia’s West Alashan Road, grassland, desert, wear more across the river, over the mountains, to enjoy the most beautiful scenery of Inner Mongolia, but also to experience Inner Mongolia is the most pure folk, more experienced the most honest folkway. Buddies running all the way, a road, a road, a surprise move, the road at. The journey took 26 days, driving 6650 kilometers, in Alashan in July 29th the end of the Tengger Desert, the next day from Wuhai home – a long long distance Inner Mongolia self driving, the strict sense is not perfect, because of Inner Mongolia, the west of Alashan in Ejinaqi did not go. Did not go, you know. What to do in summer in Ejina? The country, perhaps this is the only place that year, its most unusual scenery only after October, and is one of the most chanyeol moment. There, during the National Day holiday, of course, can not go. Reason? You’ll see。 As to the North Road to drive Inner Mongolia to do a perfect palace, October 14th, more than 10 hours, driving away silver (Sichuan) (Ba Yan hot), S218, S312, high-speed Beijing new high-speed, more than and 760 km, in the depth of night, finally arrived at the legendary Ejinaqi resident reached to a town in Kubuqi town small family sanshiyiting. Just said the first half of the trip, the first half, in fact, it is worth saying a few words. In other words, Chengdu to Ejina, I and a total of 10 friends and family, to fly to Yinchuan first – why not to Jiayuguan or Zhangye, go over there to the more recent ah? Yes. However, tickets can be doubled in Yinchuan! Chengdu – Yinchuan to fly to and from the round, the total cost of more than and 800 boring. To the Yinchuan Hedong International Airport, the Shenzhou car rental, rent here has scheduled Buick GL8 and angkola SUV a. 10 in the morning, from Yinchuan to Ejina, the first half of the road is very good, but the electronic eye thief, only dare to guide electronic dog tips, regular traffic. But after entering the S312, super heavy trucks and engineering vehicles oncoming (said to be opened in June next year, high speed) after a car, infinite number, even off the car headlights, still shooting the vertigo, the beginning of a period of time, several times simply stop cart again, can the cart was endless, can only bite the bullet to the road. The mileage of more than and 300 kilometers, two lane roads, but occasionally marked signs straight, sharp, but also a little curved, bent on these people in Sichuan is equivalent to the line, but the entire 95% encountered is to drive heavy truck, this life may and may not all instantaneous large truck pass, here the road is overdrawn. First, eyes on the road, really thin blue letinous edodes. Close to 12 in the evening, we finally arrived at the online booking of small family room. On the street, already dark, turn around, see the restaurant also lights, excitedly in, see table two or three and dozens of pieces of diners, each table is a empty beer bottles. :相关的主题文章: