Secretary Qiao Ying Love Wardrobe shangliaozeichuan, do a happy pirate

Secretary Qiao Ying: Love Wardrobe shangliaozeichuan, do a happy pirate Qiao Ying: "Love Wardrobe" fund Secretary five years ago when Qiao Ying decided, some feel that "pirate ship" means. At that time she had just resigned from a real estate state-owned enterprises, ready to work with friends to start a network company. However, a meeting with CCTV host Wang Kai, changed all this. Wang Kai is famous for CCTV economic channel "fortune story" column. In May 9, 2011, he made a micro-blog: "each host has a lot of discarded outfits, also have a lot of friends asked me to buy the not as like as two peas. I have an idea to open a shop, put each piece of clothing with the original host screen pictures on the Internet to sell, then put the money donated to charity groups." Wang Kai found Qiao Ying. Two people meet in a cross-country car club, many times together with self driving tour, is a very good friend. For years Qiao Ying has been enthusiastic about public welfare, for illness children, prisoners’ children and children in poor areas of great concern, set up a volunteer team, has for the Dalian love in the seaside village of Beijing, sun village children, love of home, migrant school volunteer service, was helping non-profit organizations for angel mother second "angels" foster point. Wang Kai asked Qiao Ying whether to help him run the charity shop, Qiao Ying readily promised. Wang Kai did not expect is that the micro-blog issued within a few hours after the transfer of thousands of times to get, asked not only to participate in the host, as well as actors, singers, athletes, models. There are even friends directly on micro-blog @ he, who wants to name the clothes and throw a lot of money. There are a lot of friends who are willing to volunteer. He began to imagine, is it possible to make this thing a little bigger. In June 6, 2011 China youth development foundation support, and "Love Wardrobe" special fund, funded by the auction to determine the direction and to raise the funds for new clothes customization, support poverty-stricken areas that lack the clothes for kids. Advanced from the shop design for the special fund, Qiao Ying was hesitant, because it involves the essential difference between part-time and full-time. She was careful to solicit the views of parents and loved ones, as expected, are not in favor of the family do not do so before the public income and real estate too much difference, and the work is hard and dangerous." She turned to Wang Kai for faith. "I asked him, will always insist on doing this thing? He said yes, ah, then I promised." Qiao Ying smiled and said, "but then I often joke with him, said his shangliaozeichuan!" the first two years, thanks to Wang Kai and another sponsor, CCTV financial channel host Ma Hongtao’s fame and contacts, "Love Wardrobe" automatics, CCTV and major TV presenter, performing arts, the singing world, many sports stars and celebrities have their clothes donated for charity auction, the two session of the charity dinner star bright, respectively raised money to 5 million 709 thousand and 830 yuan and 10 million 903 thousand yuan, let love wardrobe in the couple of years fast, popularity soared. Just love chest step by step into the higher order, Wang Kai.相关的主题文章: