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Secret behind the bride price: his son to marry a wife, parents off the skin – Beijing, according to Chinese voice "CNR night news" reported, both in rural areas throughout the bride price, town or "red bomb", has increasingly become a serious social issue. Guangxi Nanning rural married women in rural areas "349 dowry, popular in southern Hebei, the new three pounds; the people of Jiangsu wedding gifts ranging from 800 to more than 2000 yuan; the people of Jilin wedding envelopes are 200 yuan to send good relationship, at least 1000 yuan now. In every area of our country and how your bride envelopes? The bride became what kind of helpless? This reporter conducted an investigation. Common bride price is around, according to reporters overwhelmed the existence of bride price in many provinces in the rural areas of the phenomenon. Fu Min Xiang Heilongjiang Helen city in the northeast region, the local bride needs 25 to 300 thousand, compared with more than 1 thousand 30 years ago, over hundreds of times. If you buy a car, buy a house in the town, the amount of dowry was 500 thousand. In North China’s Shandong Dongying rural bride price in two years ago had reached a level of 100 thousand yuan, is also popular in many places "still + a riot of colour green" betrothal form, only a riot of colour green this one up to 150 thousand yuan. In the northwest region of Shaanxi Province, the difference is relatively large in each place of betrothal gifts. Some people have made the simple understanding of the Guanzhong area of betrothal gifts in general between 2-6 million, 3-10 million in general in Northern Shaanxi, southern Shaanxi in general between 4-10 million. Generally speaking, the poor condition of the family to pay the bride price will be higher, the groom’s family situation is good but the betrothal gifts will be less. Hebei Guangping court judge Lv Shanping wrote the name as "Guangping court reflect the rural marriage and property disputes are increasing attention should be paid to" the judge Lu said: "now this year with the level of economic development, (Li Jin) is gone, high feeling a bit ridiculous, this social phenomenon is not a benign thing." How high are outrageous gifts, judge Lv Shanping borrowed a local doggerel introduced to reporters. Lv Shanping said: "now the rural" 12345 "is a song, a courtyard, two storey building is two, three is one hundred yuan RMB three pounds, four is four wheeled vehicle but also double tip, five is the man’s parents do not exceed 50, more than 50 plus money." In many areas of northern China, "his son to marry a wife, mother and skin" is a common phenomenon in rural areas, many farmers can not afford to marry her "". In Henan Province, Jiaozuo City, reporters found that many children in the family married above make a fuss, even if the debt, but also for the son FengFengGuangGuang marry a daughter-in-law. In the southern region, the bride price is also more common. In Jiangxi Poyang County, each township price generally in the 10-15 million, in some places can even reach 20-30 million price. Which is a large agricultural county rural residents per capita disposable income is only 6000 yuan, is tantamount to a huge sum of money. In Fujian, around the countryside is poor than the dowry.相关的主题文章: