Scallion bakery unlicensed or shut down the business cited hot friends (video) clazziquai

Scallion bakery unlicensed or shut down the business cited hot friends network red onion cakes shop without a license was suspended due to operating without license, with Shanghai 34 years "," Baked Scallion Pancake was recently interviewed the relevant departments, shall be ordered to suspend business. There are people who regret, indignation, "O" on the closure of the scallion cake shop topic hot topic on the internet. Why a small bakery will turn scallion attracted so much attention on the Internet? One is because the store Baked Scallion Pancake on the day it is delicious. It is said that 300 daily limit, there are people to buy the longest queue up to 7 hours. Two because of this problem in many places, everyone has such a store in memory, it can cause resonance. It is possible that the school gate sell Oden carts, may be on the way to work through the beef offal shop, may also be Changfen Caichang edge lines of morning stalls. Although it is not a license, but convenient, but also is the authentic local delicacy, even every friend, you are willing to take them to go. This license banned Street shop, from the management perspective, of course. After all, be strict in enforcing the law, violations of law is the basic requirement of the rule of law enforcement, there must be a unified standard, neither the power nor the bias, protect the weak. Since it does not comply with the provisions of the shop, you can only be closed. Otherwise, the owner is spared because of sympathy, to other cards as green onion pancake shop is not fair, the food safety problem and the who is responsible? However, according to the rationale, the situation is difficult to accept. Why in the city can not tolerate such a scallion cake shop? After the user has been rated "ten Shanghai bowl is best to eat wonton" one dream street in the wonton, the TV show "dream home renovation", this has been living for 22 years because of unlicensed wonton stall had to go out of business, has caused great controversy. Business street dream wonton shop is unemployed at home three sisters, and they are just like a big, on their own, with both hands to support themselves and their family. Shut the shop, how do they do? Urban management is often faced with the dilemma of "love and law". The key to solve this dilemma is that our management is enough of humanity, in the rigid law enforcement closes a door, have opened a window for them, to help them solve practical problems of survival. For example, a large ever license, is placed Baked Scallion Pancake stalls in the farms do when, later because the market relocation was canceled, he didn’t consider making cake at home. Then, the existing housing does not meet the conditions of the license, the rent can not afford, can help him in the nearby farms or other suitable places to the license, let popular feature of Shanghai Baked Scallion Pancake can continue to "fire". The business with a small capital small shop, in order to achieve the fixed site operating norms standards difficult. If we do not consider their real needs and affordability, but to emphasize the seriousness of the law and the consistency of law enforcement, it is difficult to get out of the plight of urban management. After all, urban management is to make the city more orderly, but also to let everyone living in the more happy. In the management of food stalls, it may introduce a more flexible management approach is different from the formal catering industry, let these local snack shops.相关的主题文章: