Samsung Cup China 9 into the top 16 players will battle the South Korean prodigy kija-7470d

Samsung Cup China 9 into the top 16 players will battle the South Korean prodigy kija kija promoted 16 September 8 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zheng Yi) after 3 rounds of competition, the twenty-first Samsung Cup world open 8 days in South Korea Goyang decided 16 strong. Kija, Pu Tinghuan, Li Shishi, Han Ling chess hand to win promotion, and more, Chen Yaoye two world champions were eliminated. 16, Chinese players occupy 9 seats, South Korean players have 7 people, the Japanese chess players The whole army was wiped out. Samsung Cup 32 finals take double elimination, the unexpected defeat player wins again have the chance of rebirth, as far as possible to avoid unpopular. On the day of the final round, 8 world champion played. The defending champion kija in "civil war" in the victory over Guo Wenchao, South Korean player Li Shishi beat China player Liao Hangwen, the Korean players Pu Tinghuan beat Chinese player Xia Chenkun, China player Tang Weixing beat Japan player Ida Atsushi, were narrowly broke into the top 16. Called death group A group, brought together Zhou Ruiyang, Tuo Jiaxi, Chen Yaoye 3 World champion. In the first two Zhou Rui wins promotion, and Chen Yaoye for another fine light of qualifying, Chen Yaoye eventually lost the key war. When is the last runner up following the second round defeat to South Korea after the current round of new players Li Dongxun, but lost to China teenager Tong Mengcheng, chess players are replacing the old cruel remarkable. The national team coach Yu Bin in the second round of Alec years of victims Zhao Zhixun after the victory of Cai Jing, the round of 16. 16 strong war in October 3rd in South Korea Guoru city. In addition to Tang Weixing and Fan Tingyu’s duel, the other 7 games for the South Korea showdown". Among them, Ke Jie and Li Dongxun’s war of genius boy, Yu Bin and the battle of the old and new, worthy of attention in the battle of.相关的主题文章: