Sac is expected to make third season

"Ghost in the shell of SAC" is expected to produce third season according to Lang Zhengzong, the original animation comic adaptation of the animated "ghost in the shell of STANDALONECOMPLEX (hereinafter referred to as: the ghost in the shell" or SAC) is expected to launch the third quarter and the second quarter animation, separated by ten years, fans look forward to the bursting of. The shell attack mobile team SAC was launched in 2002 by ProductionI.G, a Japanese animation company. It was adapted from the TV animation of the authentic original comic of 26. Was elected in 2002, the Japanese Ministry of Education Media Arts Festival Award for outstanding animation animation department sixth. In 2004, the second quarter animation was launched, with 26 words. The production fee of each collection is up to 30 million yen (about RMB 1 million 980 thousand yuan). The two season animations were directed by Koyama Kenji. Recently, a fan from Europe and America asked Koyama Kenji about the third season’s problems in the third quarter of tapping the mobile team to twitter. He wrote, "the SAC of shell attack mobile team has been finished for 10 years. It is difficult to place. If you can make the third season, please. " Koyama Kenji replied, "I want to report to you a new message that may be started soon. Will you expect it?" Many Japanese homes believe that this is the message Koyama Kenji sent to fans about the third quarter of the upcoming "shell attack mobile SAC". "What is it?" And third seasons? I’m looking forward to it! " "SAC is the first animation in my mind, and I’ll be happy to be happy to be in the third season." "The ARISE of the attack team is not necessary. I would like to see the third season of the SAC." [source: Tencent animation]

《攻殼機動隊SAC》有望制作第3季動畫   根据士郎正宗原作漫畫改編的動畫《攻殼機動隊STANDALONECOMPLEX(以下簡稱:攻殼機動隊SAC)》或有望推出第3季動畫,與第2季相隔十年以上,粉絲期待度爆棚。   《攻殼機動隊SAC》是由日本動畫公司ProductionI.G於2002年推出的,改編自士郎正宗原作漫畫的一部TV動畫,共26話。獲選為2002年日本文部省文化廳媒體藝朮祭動畫部門第六回動畫優秀獎。2004年推出第2季動畫,共26話,每集制作費高達3000萬日元(約合人民幣198萬元)。兩季動畫都由神山健治擔任導演。   近日,一位歐美粉絲在推特上向神山健治詢問了《攻殼機動隊SAC》第3季的相關問題,他寫道:“《攻殼機動隊SAC》完結已經10年了。難以寘信。如果可以請您制作第3季吧。”   神山健治回答:“我想向你報告一個或許會在不久後啟動的新消息,你會期待嗎?”   許多日宅都認為這是神山健治向粉絲傳達了即將制作《攻殼機動隊SAC》第3季的信息,日宅們評論道:“什麼?還有第3季?我超級期待!”“《攻殼機動隊SAC》是我心目中第一名的動畫,要是做第3季我會高興死的。”“《攻殼機動隊ARISE》根本沒必要做,我比較想看《攻殼機動隊SAC》第3季。”[來源:騰訊動漫]相关的主题文章: