Runway incursion, not every accident can be

"Runway incursion", not every accident can be lucky 11, nearly two Eastern Airlines aircraft at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport runway collision that is accelerating off the captain decisive off, to avoid the tragedy. 12 afternoon, the Civil Aviation Administration of China was informed of the incident, after a preliminary investigation, this is a "runway incursion" incident, the cause is the command tower controller failure. "It is picking up a life, a passenger is a sigh. What is the matter? It was explained that (when the incident) is equivalent to straight vehicles suddenly found that there will be a junction, and then a foot throttle in the past, but also fly past". If not passing, the sudden fatal a "kiss", or will lead to hundreds of lives. Lucky! Today, the preliminary results of the investigation has been public, does it mean that this attempt to turn the event? The answer was No. Obviously, this is a very low-level error. As industry insiders said, if there are other aircraft taking off, even gave instructions through the controller, other aircraft should be parked in the waiting line, the pilot will confirm the runway there is no aircraft will cross, which is the basic knowledge of flight. The problem is that some people dare to commit anything wrong, even the basic plane can break through common sense? Even if it is wrong, it can not forgive. If you are just lucky and no reflection, but the investigation without treatment, who can guarantee that there is no next mistake? Is a mistake, it is unintentional loss. However, a lot of catastrophic accidents are just unintentional loss. Expert advice, to avoid such incidents can rely on science and technology. Meanwhile, according to the United States, the busy airport to rely on automatic light guide technology, effectively control the risk of crossing the runway, can be accurate to 10 meters level, this technology has been successfully used for 10 years. It is so, but after all, by manipulation technology, advanced technology if not responsible person, technology will fail, even burst out more terrible consequences. In response to this incident, the media with China Eastern and accident description. A "and" word, is ruthless. The background is that China Eastern Airlines recently frequent accident — a statistics show: May Chengdu China Eastern airlines fly to Kangding landing runway ground, 6 crashed into the guide lamp, return on the tailplane and tire punctured case, almost crashed last month; a Boeing 737 landing runway in Dali; the and almost repeat the Tenerife crash." Again and again and three accident, accidental? Inevitable? If regarded as accidental, I am afraid that the public does not agree; if it comes down to the inevitable, the eastern management or will shout. After all, other airlines have worked out, such as April 30, 2008, Xiamen Airline Co (Dalian – Hangzhou), and Chinese Southern Airlines (Dalian – Shenyang), also occurred in the "Dalian airport runway incursion incident. No matter whether the eastern hold injustice, one of the most basic bottom line is that life first, safety first, security does not allow careless life. On the eastern of the incident is not unlimited exaggeration, cannot be isolated as. Some experts say the point, even if the command error belongs to the tower controller, the controller is not entirely the problems of one or two people on duty, but it involves ATC training, performance.相关的主题文章: