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Rumor reveals: can antibiotics cause cancer? Source: there are rumors that WeChat science China public number: "people use more antibiotics, resistance will decrease, and even cause cancer……" How about the facts? Is antibiotics really that scary? There are only a few known human cancers, and we know what causes it, and most cancers, no one knows what causes it. It’s sheer nonsense that antibiotics can cause people’s resistance to decline. First speaking from the sources of antibiotics, the British scientist Fleming discovered penicillin in 1929, think this thing is not particularly useful Fleming record just this thing, it is not isolated. It was not until 1942 that it was commercially commercially available penicillin. The emergence of penicillin for mankind to solve a lot of problems, tuberculosis, anthrax and other diseases were eliminated, so it is actually human health guard, let us how the resistance drops? Some people appear resistance decline situation, this is actually the person’s own reason, is not the antibiotic question. Resistance to decline, this also involve an overuse of antibiotics of WHO have a statistics, about half of the people there are in the world over the overuse of antibiotics. What is abuse of anti body hormone? The first is not the place you use antibiotics with antibiotics, some people eat a cold antibiotic, but many colds are caused by viruses, also called antibiotic antibiotics, it is against the bacteria, not viruses. Second, some people should take antibiotics when they don’t take them. The doctor said you have to eat for a week, he ate four days feel good, but also think "medicine is three points poison", immediately stopped the medicine. Bacteria are resistant to this drug in the human body. Before eating a box of disease is good, and now eat two boxes are not good, people think that antibiotics, resistance to decline…… The correct use of antibiotics, according to the doctor’s advice to take antibiotics, let you eat when you eat, do not eat when you don’t want you to eat; let you eat as much as you eat much, let you eat how long you eat how long. There is a problem, there are a lot of antibiotics are used in aquaculture industry, people have produced seventy percent antibiotics are used in each farm, it will have a lot of impact on the environment, the needs of the aquaculture industry itself, and other sectors of society to cooperate to solve tongli. There’s no way to keep the abuse of antibiotics going on, because there are superbugs now, and there’s no way antibiotics can fight it…… Editor: Hu Qingmei

流言揭秘:抗生素会诱发癌症?   文章来源:科普中国微信公众号   有传言说:“人用多了抗生素,抵抗力就会下降,甚至会引发癌症……”事实究竟如何呢?抗生素真的有这么可怕吗?   人类目前对癌症的了解只有几种我们知道它的病因是什么,大部分癌症没有人知道它是什么原因所引起的。抗生素会使人抵抗力下降,这个纯属无稽之谈。   首先要从抗生素的来源说起,英国科学家弗莱明在1929年发现了青霉素,认为这个东西没有特别用处的弗莱明只是记录了这件事情,并没有将它分离出来。直到1942年,才有人将它做成大规模商用的青霉素。青霉素的出现帮人类解决了很多问题,肺结核、炭疽等疾病统统都被消灭了,所以其实它是人类健康的卫士,怎么会让我们的抵抗力下降呢?   有些人之所以出现抵抗力下降的状况,这其实是人自身的原因,并非是抗生素的问题。抵抗力下降,这也牵扯到一个抗生素滥用的问题,世界卫生组织有一个统计,全世界大约有一半的人都存在过抗生素滥用的状况。   什么叫滥用抗身素呢?首先是不该用抗生素的地方你用了抗生素,有些人一感冒就吃抗生素,但其实很多感冒是病毒引起的,抗生素又叫抗菌素,它对抗的是细菌,不是病毒。其次,有些人该吃抗生素的时候,不按照医嘱服用。医生说你得吃一个星期,他吃了四天觉得不错了,又觉得“是药三分毒”,立刻停掉了药。细菌就在人体内对这个药产生了抗药性。以前吃一盒病就好了,现在吃两盒都不好,人们就认为是抗生素使抵抗力下降了……   正确使用抗生素,就要按照医嘱来服用抗生素,让你吃的时候你再吃,不让你吃的时候你就不吃;让你吃多少你就吃多少,让你吃多久你就吃多久。还有一个问题,目前有很多抗生素都是用在养殖行业,人类生产出来的抗生素百分之七十都是用在各个养殖场,这会对环境产生很多影响,这个需要养殖行业本身,以及社会其他部门之间通力协作来解决。不能让抗生素滥用的状况持续下去,因为现在已经出现了超级细菌,这是任何抗生素都没有办法对抗的……   编辑:胡青梅相关的主题文章: