Rouge on the two Yuan Wenkang drama exhibition the multi-faceted acting Charm (video)-verbal jint

"Rouge" on the two Yuan Wenkang drama exhibition free multi-faceted acting charm of Yuan Wenkang stills Tencent entertainment news "long live the wife" just in Anhui satellite TV, Tianjin satellite TV ending, "rouge" has been launched in Zhejiang TV, Dragon TV! From the "poison tongue male bestie" to "good teacher" in life, with Yuan Wenkang acting in modern war and changeable period free crossing, the two different personality man penetrating interpretation. In just ending the "long live the wife", he and Yan Ni played Ye Shuxin from the "career" best friends "sublimated into bestie", create "Lu Fen" of such a "poison tongue boss" image in a series of ridiculous Oolong events, powder in numerous; just launched the "rouge". Yuan Wenkang became the juntong agent Song Mian, played by Zhao Liying led the blue Rouge onto the Anti Japanese Road, the interpretation of belief with life! Two drama LianBo, audience fun I have said: "although the background is not the same, but whether it is" Lu Fen "is the" Song mian ", the two characters are acting Yan value double line, rare!" "long live the wife" ending "tongue director" is the original "best bestie" in just the end of the first round of the TV series "wife" long live, the incarnation of Yuan Wenkang sales director Shi Jun "Lu Fen", with Yan Ni as Ye Shuxin from "workplace friends" to "best bestie", his identity is changing with the transformation of the relation and the beginning he is greedy flower lust, plucking "abnormal land", is also "bold to accept an apology" love hate clear "good leadership, then gradually become" comfortable ", let Ye Shuxin moved" male bestie "– when the leaf is comfortable family emotional problems, he analyzed a spectator’s point of view," not so casually divorce, you age, in the marriage market, what advantage ", although not well, was standing in her position on account of reality; see each other down, and quickly change in tone," cried a night, who is not iron man, cry for a while; more rare. " Is that he knows what time to shut up, just to bring Ye Shuxin to the empty room, leaving the sentence: "no one here in this cry" turned to leave quietly. The girls do not have a message here to see the audience sigh: this "male bestie" sensible and reliable, please give me a call! A character, three kinds of identity, the change of the land Yuan Wenkang Fen interpretation of natural and smooth, and the comedy Yan Ni Montana you come to me for "long live the wife" made a lot of laughter". Read the "assembly" in Wang Jincun’s tragic, "Beijing love story" (Opera) in Andy, "cynical female medical Princess biography" also first uninhibited, the original Yuan Wenkang can also be the movie "funny play". "Rouge" hot air "mentor" life interpretation of faith "long live the wife" concluded, "rouge" relay in the screen! "Rouge", played by Yuan Wenkang juntong agent Song Mian Zhao Liying played the lead, go on the road of blue Rouge agents, and Lu Yi plays Zhou Yu ho in the Anti Japanese struggle in the complex. Frenemy, constantly entangled. If Mrs. Yuan Wenkang in the "long live" with the details, let Lu Fen line between the "tongue director" and subtle love by Ye Shuxin相关的主题文章: