Ross finally returned to the Nicks team the most regrettable thing has nothing to do with

Ross finally returned to Nicks with a basketball team the most regret not Ross get rid of sexual assault case to return to training a most regrettable things and not basketball sports Tencent (Ohm Youngmisuk ESPN October 23rd the author Derek Ross) – finally get rid of sexual assault case problems, Nicks return to the team training. Ross today also in sexual assault case after the first media interview, he said his biggest regret is missing son’s birthday party, at the same time he is confident of my form, said the storm will not affect his sexual assault case. Ross returned to training Baros to attend the trial because of sexual assault case, since the time of October 4th, he left the team. Until Saturday, he was formally returned to Nicks, Ross revealed that the case is a major event, he attaches great importance to. "I am a mature person, I let myself into this situation, I have to let myself out, the whole process I am very focused." Ross said the final court ruled that Ross was innocent, he didn’t have any money for compensation, although Ross was relieved, but because the entire trial lasted for a long time, he not only missed the chance of running and new players, but also missed the son of PJ- Ross’s birthday party, the latter let Ross sad. "What really hurt me was missing my son’s birthday party. This is the two thing I am most concerned about, not to be at home with his family for a son’s birthday, this is the most regrettable." Ross said. Ross revealed that he returned to the basketball court feeling like in heaven, he is also very excited to be able to usher in a new beginning at home and abroad. "I am a confident person, I still have confidence in my ability, this confidence has never been lost. We didn’t go into the playoffs last year, I still have the pursuit, I just want to focus on basketball, so that the results prove everything." Ross said. For the return of Ross, coach Hornacek is also very happy, praised the size of the body to maintain the good of the body of the president of the Republic of China, the United States and the United States, the United States and China, the United States is also very happy. When asked whether Ross will play in the regular season opener, Hornacek said he would study. Beijing time on October 26th, Nicks will be in the opener against the cavaliers. (Deqing) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: