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Posted By: john ssmith There was a time in China when soft weapons were very popular among martial arts practitioners. Today, weapons like the meteor hammer and rope dart are not that common as before, but they are still used in some training regimens of traditional martial arts, and they can still prove their effectiveness in self-defense. In fact, this is the entire purpose of a martial art: to help people protect themselves better. Martial arts appeared when people needed a higher level of protection against any threat of harm. They were not created to promote murders or other forms of crime, because this is not part of the martial arts philosophy. A rope dart is basically a sash made of silk and features two small pockets at each end, where the practitioner can place anything from sand bags to steel balls. For training, specialists recommend sashes that have gummy bears at their ends, since stronger items could seriously injure or even kill those who learn the art of the sash. In the past, rope darts were made from hard materials, that is why it was very difficult to master them.

rope dart A Martial Arts Weapon You Can Throw Without Throwing Away Posted By: Al Case One of the basic martial arts weapons of all time is a rock. A rock is hard, it can be heavy, and you can knock any stupid Goliath down with it. The only problem with this weapon is that once you have thrown it, you have thrown it away. Yikes! Goliath’s big brother is charging, you’re out of rocks, and you frantically scour the ground! Too late, Goliath’s big brother tackles you and knocks you worse than senseless. Now I am not concerned with a sling here, though I used it for the example, I am concerned about the availability of good, hard stones. Wouldn’t you like to be able to throw a rather large pebble, keep the criminals at a distance, and be able to throw that pebble again and again? You can, if you know how to tie a simple little knot called The Monkey’s Fist. The concept behind the Monkey’s Fist (you can find instructions of how to make one on a good vid channel) is that you wrap rope around a stone so that the rope becomes a sturdy knot around the stone.

tonfa Mastering Adult Wushu Lesson Posted By: Pamelina Siow Wushu is the general name for the different Chinese martial arts we have today. This includes various internal and external skills and techniques that may or may not involve the use of weapons or implements. This art became a well-known sport that provides a number of advantages to many people. As an admired method in protecting and defending oneself, Wushu can enhance a person’s overall health and well-being. Physically, individuals will experience more power and control of their sense of balance, reflexes, coordination, speed and flexibility. If you wonder who can join adult Wushu lessons, the answer is anyone interested. Children aged 5 years old and above can participate in these lessons. Even parents and grandparents are welcome to join the class. Wushu is especially useful for people who want to improve their stamina and physical strengths. Also for those who want to enhance their self-confidence and overall body health. An increasing number of adults are likely to involve themselves in adult wushu classes. The reason? They want to learn and understand different types of martial arts, and Wushu is the groundwork of the other martial arts today.

adult wushu lessons Ankle Weights In True Perspective Posted By: Tom Fazio To begin with, ankle weights are strictly for those individuals intent on increasing their workout gains. It would be better if you spent some time to know what they are and how they work. An ankle weight is a doughnut-like weight bag that is usually strapped around the ankle. It incorporates some heavy materials such as steel shots or even sand to be used during cardiovascular exercises. These weights can be strapped around the ankles or around the wrists (then called wrist weights) while in the cardio session, to stimulate muscle growth. In their look, they can have a variety of designs. Some look like neoprene bands while others are simple pockets in which you slot in weights. There are two ways of wearing ankle weights. For one, you can simply slip your foot through them until they are safely and comfortably fitted around the ankles. Alternatively, you can open them up and then wrap them yourself around the ankle. Whichever way you use to wear one, ensure that you tighten its grip around the ankle with any mechanism convenient to you such as the Velcro band. Are you wondering what the logic behind wearing the weights is? Learn this.

adjustable ankle weights Controlling The Fear Response In Self Defense Situations Posted By: Tom Fazio Fear control is perhaps the most underappreciated ability one can have in a self defense situation. The symptoms of fear can vastly exceed one’s ability to handle them. Training to control this natural fear response, and even better, to work with it, is the key to successful self defense. In situations of extreme stress our body has a natural self defense mechanism called the fight or flight response. Just as the name implies, this response empowers us to fight or flee from a dangerous situation. It does so by releasing adrenaline into our bloodstream, which quickens our heart rate, decreases organ function, narrows one’s vision, slows time, and makes you stronger, faster, and less susceptible to pain. But this response has a few negative consequences too. The biggest downside to this reactionary state is the inability to perform fine and complex motor skills. These are any skills which require timing, coordination, or sequential movements. A great many martial arts techniques are complex movements, and therefore a great many martial arts techniques become ineffective in times of extreme stress, like a life or death assault.

self defense Is Your Martial Art A Viable Self Defense System? Posted By: Tom Fazio Pick a martial arts school, any martial arts school, and you’ll find an instructor who sells his martial art as self defense. And while some of these instructors may know a thing or two about self defense, the vast majority of them are teaching a powerful version of ballet. Martial arts training and self defense training can be distinguished by the degree to which they recognize and work with the body’s natural stress response system. The human body, under high stress, has a dramatic and natural self defense mechanism called the fight or flight response. The sympathetic nervous system elicits a slew of changes including increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and muscular tension, narrow vision, organ functions slow, and the body becomes stronger, faster, and impervious to pain. But this response is not all good; it comes with a few negative consequences that many martial artists don’t recognize. Under this powerful stress response, adrenaline surges through the blood stream creating power and tension in our bodies. This eliminates fine and complex motor movements, or movements that rely on coordination, timing, and sequential movement.

self defense techniques The Best Self Defense Techniques For Women Posted By: Tom Fazio The number of techniques one needs to learn to defend themselves is relatively few. And for those who are not interested in dedicating a good portion of their lives to martial arts or self defense training, techniques should be very simple, powerful, and versatile. And for women who are not too muscular, we need to select high leverage techniques that attack anatomical weaknesses in men. When I teach these techniques to my students, they can usually learn them well enough in one night so as to be effective in a real situation. Granted, this wouldn’t accompany accurate perception, timing, or defensive reaction that should coincide, but the techniques themselves are not difficult to learn. They capitalize on gross body movements that most of us do naturally. And with a little extra time the other gaps can be filled for a comprehensive self defense system. The first technique one should learn is a simple eye scrape. This technique is particularly appropriate for women with long nails. Flicking the hand straight out and grazing the eyeballs with the fingernails will cause the assailants eyes to blink or shut, and then water.

women’s self defense Hand Conditioning For Extreme Martial Arts Punching Power Posted By: Tom Fazio All of us have seen those amazing feats of mind over matter, where a martial artist is breaking a stack of bricks as tall as he is. Most of us assume that he’s made of something different than we, super human perhaps. And while it may be true he has a higher tolerance for pain than many, it isn’t true that these skills are natural or in bred. They can be achieved by anyone willing to put the time in. So exactly how does a person go from ordinary to indestructible? The key lies in hand conditioning. Hand conditioning is the secret tool used in many martial arts to prepare the body for very high impact and for combat. It conditions the bone and the nerves to withstand great trauma without sustaining injury. But it must be trained gradually and methodically if great gains are to be made. Hand conditioning has two physiological consequences. The first is a deadening of the nerves. Pounding bone on a hard object repeatedly eventually kills the feeling in that part of the body. So when expert breakers claim to have no pain during a break that is why. They can’t feel anything but pressure.

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