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C Luo downturn mystery: the European Cup sowed the seeds of fear of endangering the entire season, C Ronaldo in the end how? Sina sports news C Luo in the end how? The whole world Real Madrid fans think about such a question. C Luo dissatisfaction for their being against the game in Las Palmas, left at the end of the 20 minutes, Zidane will be replaced by the Portuguese beyond all expectations, which is obviously very dissatisfied with his mouth scold dirty, also brought onto the ground. After the game, fans and media attention focused on the conflict, while ignoring the mediocre performance of C Lo on the field. The audience only a few passes in 72 minutes, C Luo audience are not too much color of the performance, a total of only 14 feet pass the ball. Since the start of the new season, C Ronaldo scored 1 goals in 6 La Liga, this is since he joined Real Madrid morst. Of course, because of the injury, C Ronaldo played 3 league games, and two have not played full court. Hidden in the C Luo behind the "devil" is not difficult to guess, is injured, and all this summer in the European Cup had been foreshadowed. At that time, C Luo led all the way hard not the top of Portugal in the final in the final start soon because of a left knee injury was changed. Throughout the summer, C Ronaldo is struggling with his knee injury, he also missed the Real Madrid summer preparation stage. The European Cup sowed the seeds for an occupation player, preparing for the summer is the key stage of physical reserves, C Ronaldo missed, according to media reports, in order to reduce the pressure on the knee, the Portuguese also lose weight 3 kg. Taking into account the C Luo has 31 years of age, and now the state of instability is not difficult to understand. Although Zidane said more than once that C Luo has 100% rehabilitation, but the fact is probably not the case. C Ronaldo heart don’t allow yourself to just sit on the bench to watch the game, a higher level of performance, but the appearance and not out of previous years and more, should pay attention to is that if the C Luo insisted on high strength of the rhythm of the game, his injury will continue to increase the possibility of? Once that happens, it may be more than just a game, but the whole season. (Echo)相关的主题文章: