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Returnees "kelp": with the domestic disjointed discerning as flawed "dozens of resumes no echo" "study (course) a year salary shrunk 7000 yuan" less than 40% "returnees on job satisfaction"…… Recently, on the returnees become kelp news has become a focus of the current young people Tucao topic. With the continuous expansion of the army, more and more returnees began to enter the domestic job market. However, these "with ocean spoon" returnees found, because do not understand the employment situation of China, their time with the domestic recruitment process is not synchronized with the vision is too picky, become "kelp" has become the turtles can’t bear to face but have to accept the state. In such a situation, the study is still worth investing in the gold-plated way? 80% students choose to return, the returnees are no longer "xiangbobo" this year, studying in Australia and the Muyao decided to leave work. Although earn less, copy related work is not too tired, thirty or forty days a year holiday is to let her take a few "trip", but according to her words, always live in Australia "years like a day in the life, life is not new, or return" fun ". However, the first half of the Muyao wait has not found a suitable job. "I’ve been looking for work in Beijing, but my company can receive wages, only the equivalent of my salary in Australia fraction. I would like to go to the place where the requirements of 985 college graduates, I study and work in Australia, people still can not see it". "I am such a background is not a ‘scarce talent’ it." Shi said helplessly. Since 2000, the number of returned students began to grow rapidly. From "Chinese returned 2015" employment Blue Book Statistics show, the 15 years the number of returnees has increased 45 times, a total of 79.87% students choose to development. At the same time, returnees employment is also under the pressure of growing competitive pressure, low wages, professional counterparts, low job satisfaction problems attendant. According to the "employment survey report Chinese returnees 2016" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), more than 80% of the returnees consider themselves "underemployed". In addition, some of the students returned to the salary level is not up to the expected value, about 50% of the master’s degree, about 67% of undergraduate students and about 78% of junior college students pay below $5000. The satisfaction level of returnees was low, and the satisfaction and satisfaction were only 33.2%. Whether abroad or at home, looking for a job has become the number one problem students must face. Foreign employment market saturation has become a common problem, but also because of their foreign students are subject to various restrictions. But they did not expect is that we all say that the domestic opportunity can not make it easier to find a job. Zhang Nan, a graduate student in luxury management at a university in Italy, is now working in a company in Italy and is likely to become a full-time employee. The enviable opportunity, however, is that he failed to find a job at home. "When I was in graduate school, I came back to China with a heart, and I threw it all."相关的主题文章: