Religion is not spiritual opium, not only to stabilize the society but also to promote change ajviewer

Religion is not the spirit of opium not only can promote social stability change of religion is not a stable society also promotes the transformation of opium (map) religion is one of the basic characteristics of human beings, the phenomenon of religion is an important existence of human beings. The religious sociology founder Toure Cam said that religion reflects the social cohesion, the real society is religion. In other words, where there is a human society, there is a religion. On the role of religion, in the heart settle, enhancing the moral and cultural construction, religion often has an irreplaceable function in other society; and for economic development, political rule, religion is often under certain conditions play an important role. However, it is not considered to be religious issues, are big, religion has a powerful subversive force, the relationship between the territory and the state can be of vital importance? The answer is likely to be negative. In terms of modern world history, religion is a factor of social development, but not the ability to see no overall boundless supernatural power, subversion of state and society. The two world wars, the cold war, the socialist movement, the modernization of the economy and society, the most important events that affect history, are not religious events. Some of the world’s hot issues, such as the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the conflict between India and Pakistan, especially after entering the new century, "9. 11 events, although related to religion, and even closely related, but it is only related, and therefore can not be attributed to Islam, Judaism or Hinduism and other religious problems. There is no such thing as a good or bad judgment of these religions in the world, nor is there any attempt to ban the existence of these religions. As the oldest social existence of human society, religion not only maintains the social stability, but also stimulates the revolution, but on the whole, the main function of religion in history is the former. It is also the basic reason why some of Marx’s views on religion as the opium of the people, religion is not conducive to people’s uprising and revolution. It is especially important in modern society, the main social function of religion is reflected in the psychological and moral level, is a force for stability in society, subversive and revolutionary functions of religion was greatly weakened, the religion becomes more and more and the expression of personal beliefs. So, the main reason is that the implementation of the principle of separation of church and state. More than two centuries since the release of the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution, more and more countries in the world have adopted the policy of separation of state and religion, gradually abolished the state religion, religion has become a folk strength. This is very different from the religious theocracy under the state religion, which has mobilized and organized social movement ability greatly weakened, religious uprising and religious war has basically become history. Another consequence of the principle of separation of church and state is a result of religious diversity. After the elimination of the state religion system, the pluralism of religion became the norm. Every society is no longer a religion, and every religion is not only a competition between different factions, religion, religion has All flowers bloom together., contention of a hundred schools of thought very hard again, as a whole to express their voice, which is greatly weakened in the level of organization influence. Under certain conditions, some extremes.相关的主题文章: