Reasonable g-sky Titan x frame lock actually run 3 Mafia brock lesnar

Reasonable g-sky Titan X frame lock actually run "Mafia" 3 Mafia 3 area 2K new "Mafia 3" because the rate of breakthrough limit optimization for the GTX 1080 frame barely 60 reached at 1080P resolution. But in this test, and not even Titan X and AMD Radeon RX480 mainstream graphics card. Now they come, the result of course everybody knows, these two cards again knocked down. "Mafia 3" test and before the Russian media, Guru3D is still the game special effects, N cards and A cards are playing the latest graphics patch. 1080P performance can be 2K resolution not to frame 40 4K resolution only 30 frames can be seen in the Guru3D test, GTX 1080 have a fever class card was even too horrible to look at the resolution of 1080P is only 56, and the resolution of the 2K frame, only 43 frames. The performance of RX 480 is above R9 390X, but only 40 frames. Finally look at the g-sky Titan X 1080P resolution, 77 frames, only 60 frames 1440P resolution 4K resolution that careless, but 33 frames obviously let nouveau riche is hard to be satisfied. After all, the acquisition of Titan X players are not satisfied with the 1080P resolution of the game. (source: itHome editor: unhappy) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: