Real man topic 2 foot, little soldiers-remonstrate

"Real man" topic: 2 foot, "soldiers" little Liyan Tong and Yang Mi Beijing News "real man" the second season can be said to have color value, the explosion point, what are carefully designed, but feel what are deliberate, deliberately arrange the height and weight of the link, but also specifically with the station will offer numerical instrument effect, but no significance; in order to create conflicts, first day in the camp is not seven or eight times against, the taste is a spark a conflict accidentally, but seems to look at some of Marysu’s youth drama. In some manner, if not, no matter what to do, feeling a bit. The beautiful lineup manufacturing audience expects the fourth quarter of the year variety war officially started, Hunan TV launched a "real man" in season second, especially joining the female element, from the all star into the camp and took the topic. But considering the last season but still zero poor ratings cop-out situation, whether this season all the way, the sustainability of manufacturing audience expectations is still a key problem. Last season invited uniform male guests, both veterans camp, also carries the dream of many young soldiers, and inspirational XuSanDuo and old but vigorous Fengyi Zhang and so on, to show the full range of different character, different ages of man in the barracks and self realization. Although firmly grasp the "army" and "man" of the two key words, but such topics have attracted only limited audience — the mainstream variety market seems to appreciate not to man’s blood and Tiehan tenderness. A pure man although very dedicated, but asked them to come up with more sense of entertainment, but also a difficult one. Therefore, this season simply showed the ace – goddess. The topic of Queen Yang Mi for the first time a variety show turns to brush a few rounds of hot search list, plus the appearance of Liyan Tong, postpartum less touted by the rookie Shen Mengchen, Zhang blueheart bodybuilding and sexy known. Such a female guest lineup, coupled with such a special environment on the barracks may reflect the true character, and even more than we came to the main female idol to lay down the burden of propaganda is more convincing. As for men, apart from Li Rui’s "older recruits" set, the other three are young guys. Along with the rebellious image shows Huang Zitao into the barracks, still talking straight and blunt, a person contracted to complete half of the bursting point and hot point, the end of the first episode and instructors on the bars; Sun Yang mischievous and impulsive personality is also slightly controversial; Jiang Jinfu showed little man in the program, with a baby face tough body and gentle temper. Although the memory of last season, charismatic brothers, but no matter what the theme or variety show without handsome beauty insurance team, after all, but the audience is always no shortage of Tastes differ all tastes., idol and fans topic. The story and entertainment is still a magic weapon from the first episode of the situation, the program group mainly chose the "growth" script as the main line, Sun Yang, Huang Zitao several times with each other instructors or eyes full of unconvinced, dissatisfaction and disobedience to the military training to be overcome? This will be the highlight of the first few episodes. Of course, another aspect of growth "is inevitably the delicate female star how to cope with the camp life, watching.相关的主题文章: