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Putin sent a knife to Abe with what effect? Japan is abandoned " " the four northern islands Sohu – Military Channel text with map: Japan to stop issuing the four northern islands as territory information. Half a month ago in the east of Vladivostok Economic Forum, Putin in addition to Abe a knife for a suit of armor, but also harvest what? Recently, the Japanese side in order to avoid stimulating the Russian side, stop issuing the four islands of the northern territory of the information. Beijing September 21st citing Japanese media reported that in Russia the four northern islands territorial dialogue atmosphere under the condition of high, four island residents in Japan and Russia visits islanders "visa free exchange" project implementation of group Japan in the period from August to September, with four participants to stop issuing island of Japan the map of the Russian territory session set, also asked not to bring to the island four. According to reports, the implementation of the project group said the move is designed to avoid disputes with Russia or cause confusion, this year ushered in twenty-fifth years of visa free exchange history is rare. Stop issuing and request not to bring the island is in the northern territories issue Association (located in Tokyo) issued the "four island" communication session set, the whole book of 112 pages. In addition to the Russo Japanese bilingual basic conversation and words, but also contains the four northern islands, with a map of Japan, to participate in the visa free exchange delegation issue is a practice. Reported that the implementation of communication activities of the "four northern islands of Hokkaido to promote the exchange of the committee" (Sapporo) in consultation with the Ministry of foreign affairs of Japan, held in August 25th in the country after the island and Etorofu Island visit Workshop on this session set records do not carry the border and Japanese names items four to the island. The Japanese official explained that "communication is to improve relations, rather than words. The purpose is to avoid meaningless contradictions and confusion." It is reported that this is the Ministry of foreign affairs, free access to Etorofu island in September not issued session set. This is the background of the male Japanese translation of a August 19th visit to the island country after the exchange activity was found in the acceptance check of undeclared cash belongings, accept the Russian customs department inquiries after stranded on the island. The incident took place in the run-up to the summit meeting between prime minister Abe Shinzo and President Putin in September 2nd. Relevant person in Japan said, "Japan Russia summit, the Ministry of foreign affairs to avoid stimulating Russia have bothered." This year’s visa free exchange activities will be in mid October to visit the four islands in Akita, japan. Russian President Putin attended the September 3rd held in the Russian Far East city of Vladivostok "Oriental Economic Forum" plenary meeting, the four northern islands territorial issue with Japan said in answer to a question, and Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo "must reach a consensus to solve the problem". Putin stressed: "we are willing to take a decisive step. However, we must be well prepared." He also said, "it is clear that we can not miss the possibility of the existence of the present," showing the willingness to solve the problem. In September 2nd, before the talks, Putin had said in an interview with foreign media, Moscow does not do the territory of the transaction." At that time, Putin said, we do not do.相关的主题文章: