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Supplements The opinion of the health pundits and scientists all over the world is divided when it comes to the consumption of the eggs. There are many health experts who say that eating the egg is really good for health. However, there are some who say that egg is not really as good as it has been claimed. One of the biggest reasons why people say that egg is not good is because it contains cholesterol in high amount. It also contains calories and fats. But the good news is that one does not need to stop eating eggs to become healthier. Egg has two parts, white and yellow (called yolk). It is the yellow part which contains all the cholesterol, calories, and fat. The white part of the egg has high nutrients and protein levels. Therefore, as long as one is eating the egg white, they will remain in good health. There are many companies that sell only the pure liquid of the egg white. Egg White Pure Liquid promotes weight loss Many people believe that consuming eggs causes gain in weight. This happens because the yellow part has all the harmful things. However, if one is consuming only pure liquid egg white protein then they can be confident that it will not cause gain in weight. The cholesterol and calories are all in the yellow of the egg. Once the yolk has been taken away, all one is left with is pure white which contains protein in high quantities and also the vitamin B2. One of the biggest reasons why egg white promotes weight loss is because it is very filling. After eating the egg white the stomach gets the feeling of full quite quickly. This kills the appetite and food consumption becomes less. The eggs also case the release of the hormone called glucagon. This hormone aids the body in the release of carbs and stored fats. No cholesterol in egg white It is an established fact that the egg white does not contain any cholesterol or calories. However, one will be surprised to know that there are some experts in the favour of eggs who say that even the yolk does not contain as much cholesterol. But it has been found that every serving of the yolk contains the cholesterol in excess of 200 mg. This is quite a lot. Therefore, to be on the safer side, it is best to eat the pure liquid egg white protein only. Cooking the eggs is good There is a common myth that raw eggs are more beneficial to the health than the cooked eggs. This is indeed a fallacy. The fact is that if one is looking to maximize the health benefits of egg white then it is best to cook it. The egg can be fried or boiled so that the every nutrient it contains becomes active. Also, the raw eggs contain certain harmful elements. These elements get eliminated when the egg is cooked. Eating pure white egg will definitely promote better way of living. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: