Public security organs to crack down on the regulation of network infringement of personal informati-sexinse

The public security organs strong regulation to combat network infringement of citizens’ personal information crime news – Sohu since April this year, the Ministry of public security of the deployment of the national public security organs to carry out combat remediation network infringement of citizens’ personal information crime special action, as of now, the national network security department of public security organs cracked a total of more than 1200 criminal cases, arrested more than 3300 suspects arrested, including banking, education, telecommunications, securities, courier, electricity providers website and industry personnel more than 270 people, the hacker network of more than 90 people, and seized more than 290 information, clean up illegal and harmful information of more than 42, shutting down the site, column 900, special operations achieved significant results. In recent years, the telecommunications network fraud crime has become a frequent, serious violations of the vital interests of the people of social harm, the masses of such criminal activities abhor. As one of the upper reaches of the crime of fraud in the telecommunications network, the network has played an important role in the crime of infringing on the personal information of citizens, which provides a more convenient condition for the implementation of fraud. The Ministry of public security to combat internet infringement of citizens’ personal information crime attaches great importance to the deployment of national public security organs in recent years of network infringement of citizens’ personal information crime conducted several focus on combat, to a certain extent to curb the high momentum. But this kind of crime is still repeated playing without a break, and presents some new trends: one is the source of leakage of personal information of citizens in addition to hackers steal, industry insiders leaked, set up phishing sites cheat, also appeared to use special software and take the number of scan password illegal gang. The two is the personal information being leaked in fields that involve financial, telecommunications, education, medical, industrial and commercial, real estate, courier and other departments and industry a total of more than 40, the bank and third party payment platform such as account number and password has become the object of criminal transactions. Three criminal gangs, a strong sense of anti detection of criminal suspects, relying on the QQ group website, the hacker forum, use the Internet phone, the false identity of contact, through online banking transactions transfer or the third party payment platform, mutual exchange, reselling personal information of citizens. Four is a greater threat to the property of the people, criminals get personal information sold to consumers after the sale of telecommunications network fraud, cyber theft and other criminal gangs, the people’s property is facing a direct threat. According to the new characteristics of this kind of crime, the Ministry of public security requirements, the public security organs to combat violations of the basic personal information and authentication information of citizens as the focus, to crack down on criminals illegally, illegal sale of personal information of citizens, to crack down on fraud and theft, making use of personal letter crime of blackmail and impose exactions on personnel, remediation number the problem of network service providers, the criminal investigation of the crime of the chain, the maximum containment of telecommunications network fraud, online theft, blackmail and impose exactions on other criminal activities, and effectively protect the citizens personal information security, improve people’s sense of security and satisfaction. Since the special action, the public security organs attach great importance to quickly dispatched elite police set up Gongzuozhuanban, and carry out combat remediation work, have uncovered a number of major cases. Mianyang Sichuan police cracked 5.26.相关的主题文章: