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[Premier League] 17 war only 3 wins! The biggest nemesis Mourinho called Guardiola – Sports Sohu Guardiola to the last laugh Manchester United lost 1-2 to Manchester City, Mourinho and Guardiola confrontation, once again tasted bitter defeat. This is the eighth time the magic bird lost to Guardiola. The coach of inter and Real Madrid, Mourinho has come from Guardiola grabbed the hands of the king’s cup and the Champions League, La Liga, so many media and fans dubbed him Guardiola’s nemesis. But years of mutual confrontation success proves that this judgment may not be accurate, perhaps is the real killer melon Shuai mu shuai. Before the game, Mourinho and Guardiola had 16 confrontation, Mourinho 3 wins 6 flat 7 negative in absolute Lee, now the gap has widened, a Manchester Derby war, Mourinho lost eighth times to Guardiola. Specific record, inter era, Jose Mourinho against melon handsome Barcelona accumulated 4 games, the record was 1 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses. Real Madrid era, Jose Mourinho against melon Barcelona accumulated 11 games, a record of 2 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses. The Chelsea era, Mourinho was Guardiola and Bayern in the UEFA Super Cup clash again, within 120 minutes of the two sides draw, Bayern won the final penalty (regular time and overtime is a draw). And this time, the first time in the Manchester Derby Jose Mourinho and melon handsome confrontation, victory or Guardiola. In this way, Mourinho’s overall record against Guardiola became 3 wins 6 flat 8 negative, each record in the absolute. In the Premier League before landing at the same time, Guardiola and Mourinho only confrontation over the league is the liga. 2010 -2012 years, is the most intense period of two people struggle, the record is still dominated by Guardiola, the trophy number of honor over the same period, but also to better than the Mourinho, Guardiola. Many people think that this is because the benefit from Guardiola Barcelona system, but now two people in the summer all took over the new team, spent more than 150 million pounds of signings, called relative conditions the most similar case, get first win is still Guardiola, under such circumstances, said Guardiola is Mourinho nemesis is a little too much. Mourinho against Guardiola 3 wins 6 flat 8 negative in two of the past battle record, Mourinho really had a 3 chance of a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, is the 3 victory. For the first time in 09 years in the Champions League semi-final, the first round of inter beat 3-1 melon Barcelona, and eventually eliminated barcelona. Second is the 2011 Cup final, Mourinho’s Real Madrid rely on C Ronaldo lore 1-0 victory over barcelona. The last is the 1112 season, Mourinho and Guardiola in the last showdown in La Liga, Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2-1 to get victory, and eventually from the peak of Barcelona hands grabbed a not easily won the Spanish champions. Interestingly, the 3 victory for Mourinho from Guardiola handle had 3 champions, respectively is the king’s cup and the Champions League, La liga. In that Guardiola Barcelona ruled Spain and the European football era, the 3 champion Mourinho is very bright, he is almost the only on all fronts will have Guardiola pulled down…相关的主题文章: