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Police in downtown   to stop vehicles; passengers drug-related seized imitation guns — Law — people.com.cn original title: downtown police to stop vehicles drug-related passengers seized imitation guns on September 29th morning 10 am, Xuzhou Police Brigade Quanshan police received instructions, intercepted a car in the city may be drug-related vehicles during the inspection, police also found that the car was in possession of imitation guns and knives. In the morning, the traffic police brigade Quanshan police command center received 110, in the vicinity of the city ring road a blue Chevrolet car, the car may have drug-related behavior. 10:44, the police at the intersection of West Road and Hubei road stop vehicles, when a total of three young men in the car. Three people on the police say they check the license, full of complaints, no illegal behavior. The police then inspect the vehicle in the car, the copilot chair unexpectedly found a 64 pistol and a stainless steel knife, after checking the pistol is the imitation of the bullet, is about two mm diameter steel ball, power for inflation, all guns is made of stainless steel, heavy weight, appearance and genuine no difference, immediately notify the police district police station. To the police station after the police conducted a urine test for three people, of which the passenger Lee toxicity test was positive, confirmed that taking drugs. In addition, the vehicle did not cover the motor vehicle compulsory insurance. Lee said the car with two other men did not know, he is looking for lost items with friends, friends and get off before long it was found by police, his five or six days ago smoked methamphetamine in the field trip, as for the other two people inside the car and pistol, tool and knowledge. The driver Wang also insisted that the things (guns, knives) is the owner of the morning on the car, he did not know. It is understood that the traffic police seized firearms, commonly known as "64," imitation ", in sufficient pressure airgun" under a range of up to 100 meters, with a certain degree of lethality. The law of the People’s Republic of China on the control of guns, the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China, and the law of the People’s Republic of China on the administration of public security punishment shall be dealt with accordingly. At present, the police have summoned the driver Kwak said the boss, firearms were also identified, the case is still under further verification. Lee’s evidence of drug abuse is conclusive, will face more than ten days of detention and detention of fifteen or more administrative penalties. (commissioning editor Zhao Enze and Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: