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Pitt divorce and his ex-wife! Aniston was traced to the hypocrisy of her husband can not stand Peter and Julie divorce and his ex-wife Jennifer · Aniston marriage, according to Taiwan media reports, Hollywood Jintongyunv Brad · (Brad Pitt); Peter and Angelina · Julie (Angelina Jolie) in September after 10 years of marriage, the love between 2 years, flash from a news shocked the entertainment. 2 people divorce not only involved in child custody, even small cloth ex-wife Jennifer · Aniston (Jennifer Aniston) at the present stage of marriage has also been affected, · came with her husband Justin (Justin Theroux); therous relationship in jeopardy. According to foreign media reports of "Radar Online", a small cloth after the divorce rumors suffered criticism, but his ex-wife Jennifer · Aniston not only abusive ex husband also help to speak, think the other is a good father, so these remarks provoked the incumbent husband Justin · schalock, not happy, think of Aniston Jennifer · small cloth never forget, have feelings; and Jennifer · Aniston is to maintain their own image, Justin · therous out with her with sweet loving appearance, let them stand. Someone broke the news to Jennifer · Aniston and Pete Julie compared to her husband’s intimate with her, which makes Justin · therous feel used, feel very dissatisfied. But there is news that 2 people pass things because of Justin · therous busy ignoring wife, Jean Jennifer · Aniston was not concerned, get married just one year passed the crisis.相关的主题文章: