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Pianist Liu Shikun: the market does not regulate the babysitter dare to teach the piano – Beijing "some small nanny, the children will learn, own a little, dare to teach piano. I saw this little nanny to do the piano teacher, there are more than ten. The teacher is very formal, there are strict teaching methods — she can’t play the piano, she will only score according to copy the keys according to, but also can pop up a child to sound, probably can also play a tune, but the play is not good, the hands are broken." The twelfth session of the "swayder children’s piano competition in Taipei just the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, because there are thousands of mainland children and parents to participate in the competition, has attracted great attention from all walks of life in Taiwan. As a pioneer in the domestic Piano Education, the founder and chairman of the Organizing Committee of the contest contest, pianist Liu Shikun in an interview with Beijing Youth Daily reporter was pleased at the same time, the aesthetic education of piano education has become, also on the domestic such as small nanny dare to teach piano, test level and other critics of chaos. The Games will let doubts why 80% children? Don’t let the children down to BYD: you from 1992 opened in Hongkong Liu Shikun art training center was founded in 1994, has 20 years of piano competition, to today, what feelings? Liu Shikun: I’m very proud, "swayder children’s piano competition is I founded in 1994, was held in Hongkong. This year the annual arrangement in Taipei Sun Yat Sen Memorial hall. I am the first to do Chinese music education, 1992 to now not broken for 24 years, and continuous development, the first in Hongkong opened the first Liu Shikun art education in the classroom, and then in the mainland of Beijing, there are more than and 200 points now, in more than and 40 city. In addition, there are 10 kindergartens. Kindergarten is wholly owned by me, some of the arts center is my sole proprietorship, and some are working with people. 20 years of development, now internationally recognized, the number of the world’s first Chinese piano, piano production is the first in the world, many of the world famous brand OEM production, then Chinese piano is out. BYD: your piano competition has many winners, what do you have in mind? Liu Shikun: I am here in the children, mostly amateur. The boy now countless, began, most parents hold their dream; now it is in order to increase the noble interests for children, some even see through, is to improve the quality of children. There is also a benefit of aesthetic education, can increase the entrepreneurial spirit and sense of honor, each child’s music can be different, different conditions, but the effort can not let him down, so we focus on giving him a different award. Fifteen groups of games, each divided into one to five prize, so that most children can get a prize, and some children almost, if he is seriously prepared, but also to give him an incentive award, so that he did not feel white. Finally get more than 80% of the award, the vast majority of the encouragement award. There are more than 10 percent is not a prize, because he did not look carefully prepared, but to play. We are very professional judges, a listen to know you are not seriously prepared. BYD: do you think Qin Tongbing now相关的主题文章: