Phuket Raiders charming Maicao beach Mai Khao Beach t420s

Phuket Raiders: charming Maicao beach Mai Khao Beach have an affair to you which time mans fight for his lofty love keep the sun… The first two in Maicao beach sunset photos, photos of my favorite trip are all here to shoot ~ selected hotels on the island, a very important factor is the beauty of the beach… We live in Phuket Island Mai Koa Ann Natarajan vacation will be 10 minutes walk from the beach on the beach, so I will come here almost every day for the two time. Morning and evening, morning swim in the sea, in the evening to enjoy the sunset on the beach. Happy family travel tips ~ more sharing and smart travel small coup, WeChat public, please pay attention to the students: HolaLiuxu Phuket Island catkins from north to South Beach for a total of seven, followed by: Maicao (Maikao), Nai Yang Bang Tao Su Lin (Surin), Kamala (Kamala), Patong (Patong), Karen (Karon), Qatar, but the letter (Naihan) Rawai Beach (Rawai). For Chinese tourists, because the distance from other scenic spots far Maicao (Maikao) is still relatively unfamiliar, this is I would recommend it to surprise after the discovery of buddies, after all travel is to enjoy the scenery and relax the mood, not to crowded. Generally speaking, the number can be beach visitors clearly, at first glance, the most people, than the beach in Patong, here the happiness of huge crowds of people, full of! The beach is nestled in the pine forest in the arms of the scenery. The beach is very clean, the sea water is very clear very blue, the sand is exquisite, stepping up is very soft, very comfortable. There are few tourists on the beach, and the purity is not destroyed. It is said that the turtles can often be seen laying eggs! Although this time did not see, but Palm Beach Beach, the scenery is very beautiful. Love standing on the beach, overlooking the sea, relaxed and happy. The beach is the one of the few people that pose pictures is bang bang da! Very quiet beach, lamented that there is no business, still maintain the original feeling, is like a small partner in the quiet mood to relax. Our footprints in the blue world in the dream I have come here ~ ~ together together to listen to the voice of the sea in the flour like on the beach… For Anantara Vacation Club provides free bicycles, free use for 4 hours every day ~ Cute Book ~ hammock a lot of fruit such as fruit, who know the name remember the message tell me oh ~ egg flower in my heart is the love sign ~ tropical island egg flower a faint fragrance, more love to pick up a single drop the egg flower worn on the ear, no matter how busy, but also to the state of the holiday to instantly switch. Hi;相关的主题文章: