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UnCategorized Many human resource professional are intimated by a 200 question detailed HR exam. Everything for employee motivation, learning and leadership to Samuel Gompers will be covered on the exam. Very few people would know all the knowledge base covered unless they have prior training in human resources. Consider using some type of review program before you go in to sit for the exam because the details about labor unions history, key figures, laws, compensation and so on are things that most people just would not know. The exam is based on the entire human resource body of knowledge and can be quite comprehensive. Although most employees welcome feedback, many managers choose to ignore performance assessments. They believe the process is too complex and has little effect on employee performance. Managers also are concerned about possible legal ramifications that may stem from issuing a poor review. But they miss a golden opportunity to build morale, improve communication and increase motivation if they fail to participate in this process. Regular and systematic performance reviews enable managers to: Recommend pay raises, identify candidates for promotion and place struggling employees in more suitable positions. Give employees a realistic picture of where they stand and how they can improve. Recognize areas that would benefit from training initiatives. Express general support and appreciation of their employees. Managers should follow these guidelines when conducting performance reviews. Give employees at least a weeks notice to prepare. Provide them with a copy of the companies appraisal form several days beforehand, so they can grade themselves. Reserve enough time to conduct the review properly, and ensure you are not interrupted by other people. Try to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, so employees can respond and ask questions. Be honest yet sensitive in your observations about each employees performance and your expectations. Explain opportunities for advancement if applicable. Allow time for employees to address the appraisal. Tell employees they are welcome to speak to you at any time. Make sure that both you and your employees sign the appraisal form following the end of the review. Evaluate all performance appraisal programs, even those with strong track records, to determine their effectiveness. The analysis should focus on whether employees. Understand the feedback they receive. Consider the feedback beneficial. Demonstrate improved performance in the ensuing months. Help the company achieve its overall goals and objectives. The system also should include a channel for employees to register their observations, complaints and suggestions. More importantly, they should feel that management values their input and will make the appropriate changes and adjustments. The program will not be useful if employees perceive that management is merely paying lip service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: