Philippine President only China to help us do not give us something to fight – Sohu news-segotep

Philippine President: only China help us not to be fighting for something – Sohu news according to Philippines Rappler news website reported on September 9th, Walter Chinese praised, praised the people of Philippines "China generous". Although Duthel Te did not specifically disclose details of the amount or date of China’s donation, but has reiterated China’s commitment to help Philippines fight against drugs. Duthel Te said, "what should I do? China helps us to set up a rehabilitation center, they bring the resources and equipment to us." Duthel Te then said, "next year will be the construction of rehabilitation centers, we have entered the preparatory stage, China is also continuing to help us. I want to thank China for being so generous to us." Why is there no rehabilitation center in Philippines? Duthel Te said the former Aquino administration did not give enough money to the next government. Previously in the eleventh East Asia Summit (10+8 Summit) the eve of the meeting with Obama, Walter 5, issued a statement accusing Obama of interfering in Philippines campaign. And, on the 8 day at the East Asia Summit, Philippines’s president Duthel Te in the United States during the colonial period, American massacre of Philippines Aborigines were blamed, and points out in the United States have no right to interfere in Philippines’s human rights problem.相关的主题文章: