Personal information trafficking chain secret ghost 60 yuan 1 reselling information-plants war

Personal information trafficking chain secret: Ghost 60 yuan 1 reselling the information of the original title: internal staff as an accomplice "nine lines" reselling information — across 25 provinces serious infringement of citizens’ personal information investigation 10 minutes for mobile phone positioning, 60 yuan to get a personal bank information…… Recently, the Ministry of public security directly under the command of the public security organs cracked a span of 25 provinces of the large violations of personal information of citizens, arrested 201 suspects, to eradicate the source of 42 information leakage, destroyed 9 involving a wide area, involving personnel, types and amount of information, involving a large amount of infringement of citizens’ personal the information of criminal gangs. Xinhua viewpoint reporter survey found that, in the case, including bank staff, telecommunications staff, courier company staff, air ticketing points, etc., become the main suspect of information disclosure. In November 11, 2015 the black gang pull trading platform "nine lines", the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Bureau found in the work, there is a gang of illegal reselling of personal information online. By the police found that the gang behind the existence of a large organization, members in several provinces, the criminal group. At present, the basic identification of suspected violations of personal information of citizens and its derivative crimes nine lines." Director of the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Bureau Pu Qiang said. According to reports, the so-called line refers to violations of personal information of citizens of different types of criminal chain. Nine line to line the principal WeChat or QQ name, respectively "and said something" line, "the hunter" line, "a new line", "serving the people", "Skynet" line line, "Bodhi" line, "Pizza Hut" line, "Hawkeye" line, "multiple identities" line. Each line is independent of the chain, from top to bottom, top for the query, which is the source of leakage of personal information of citizens, including members of the bank staff, telecom staff, courier company staff, air ticket and other responsible persons. Next is the "banker" the same level of agents, is the main suspect chain; and then down the different levels of agents and users. "There is no direct contact between the upper and lower ends of each chain." Police handling the case said. It is understood that these nine lines covering almost all of the personal information of citizens, such as vehicle and flight information, bank account information, etc.. Nine lines are independent and cross each other, forming a close contact, clear structure of the crime group. The relative independence between the agents, to provide cross service agents. The characteristics of information exchange between agents are obvious, and the contact is more frequent, and through the WeChat and other tools, the formation of a mutual collusion black trading platform. Involved in several arrests in Shenyang City Public Security Bureau police Han Xu told reporters that the transfer of Shenyang police criminal suspects query 34 member level agents 8, two agents 12 people; the largest member on query query more than 300 criminal suspects, the daily trading amount from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. In the hunter line, the level of one agent Mao more than a month of WeChat red envelopes of funds reached 380 thousand yuan. Jun相关的主题文章: