Pellegrini I will not break the contract with the Chinese

Pellegrini: I won’t interrupt and happy Chinese contract – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, London November 10th sports news (reporter Wang Zijiang) in China coach Pellegrini said, no matter which team is interested in him now, he will not break with the Super League club Hebei Hua Xia happiness team contract. According to the British Sky Sports News, Pellegrini told a Spanish radio interview, said: "I have a two-year contract in Chinese, now no matter what the team needs me, I will not breach of contract. Recently, the England team contacted me, I gave them the answer is this." For the Chinese team, he said: "the club has made great progress. I have received a lot of clubs from Spain, Italy, France and South America, but these clubs are not competitive." Pellegrini also revealed that the city in early 2013 to Guardiola as head coach, he became coach is implication of the club is a matter of expediency. He said: "when they signed me, they made it clear that their first goal was Guardiola, followed by me." He said: "Guardiola did not think of Manchester City, so I signed a contract for three years. Then I finished the contract, and after Guardiola had been in Barcelona for a couple of years, I thought I would have a problem with England."相关的主题文章: