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"Dad" gold kylin peeling rub shoulders with Wu Zhenyu Louis Koo China feelings – Sohu entertainment movie "Dad" Wu Zhenyu Louis Koo, peeling Sohu entertainment news in November 3rd, the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival Closing Ceremony in Tokyo. The German Austria film "yesterday’s flowers" won the golden kylin award, Wu Zhenyu, Louis Koo starred in the fantasy film "Dad" and best film peeling pass, Wu Zhenyu played the six corners of the power level performance and ease of control role to the judges and fans still deeply shocked. Wu Zhenyu in his father’s role as "China feelings" on the inside, Louis Koo perseverance to find father in the film, is the role of Tian Li for self salvation, is the introspection to present young people, hoping to find the old age people of Hongkong and the mainland, warmth and warmth through the film. "Dad" gold kylin peeling rub shoulders Wu Zhenyu: my dad Chinese affection movie in the movie "Dad" peeling to fantasy style, Tian Yixiong Wu Zhenyu’s father made from more than and 80 years experience of a peeling, back to 19 years old, the flashback life, six stages, six growth mindset, six the background, let the old age scenes in the movie can be restored. Although the "father" and not peeling won the Gold Award for this novel kylin, but to the judges and the audience left a deep shock, through two generations of the family, to show the changes of time and emotional continuity, fine art, endless emotion. The film starring Wu Zhenyu in an interview that he is willing to show before, the biggest reason for this movie is now part of a generation of Hongkong people may have forgotten their generation is coming from, recalled his father once carrying many quilts, clothes back to the mainland, he wanted to put the father the reduction in the film, "I want to put my dad told me Chinese the affection on the inside, but also to let everyone know that Hongkong is Chinese, Chinese also include Hongkong in the place inside. My father’s time, write to everyone, the dialogue is very warm." Louis Koo also very much agree with this: "it can be a very interesting thing to understand the changes in Hongkong over the years." Wu Zhenyu Louis Koo, father of the Youth Drama double coffee Biao son backtracking and self salvation in the interview exposure, Wu Zhenyu appointed the role of Louis Koo in the son of Tian Lihang, "because I know very well with Louis, he suited to play this role, when he field when filming, not really a wrong person." Louis Koo also broke the news, said: there is a town to my house to eat, said to personally understand my father and get along with the daily life. I feel like my father really his 80 year old style, make me more into play in the movie, the father and son more real." Wu Zhenyu and Louis Koo for the first time in 1999 with "burst" and "Interpol, chongshangyunxiao", "apostle Walker" there have been a number of cooperation. "Dad" peeling and understanding of the two, with both the actor class acting, make the film more attractive, but from the whole film convey smile to life, cherish family, positive and optimistic attitude towards life, has far exceeded the value of the award. Media comments on "peeling Daddy" and Wu Zhenyu,"相关的主题文章: