Paul was elected the new leader for the UK Independence Party – International –

Paul? For the UK Independence Party leader was elected new – International – original title: Paul was elected the new leader? For the UK Independence Party in November 28, according to foreign media reports, the UK Independence Party in the local time 28 days to elect the party’s new leader, Paul? "(Paul Nuttall) was elected rothschild. Reported that the 39 year old Paul is an independent party? For the former deputy leader, is also a member of the European parliament. After the election, he would replace current leader fallaci. The British independence party is a far right political party, with anti EU and anti immigration as its main political proposition. After removal of the European referendum in England, when he was the party leader Faraci said his political mission has been completed, announced his resignation. In September 16th this year, the UK Independence Party held a leadership election, Diane? James was elected, became the first female leader of the party. But Diane? James was elected only 18 days announced his resignation. Faraci immediately return, served as interim leader of the party "". The party’s new leader of independent candidates voting within 25 days this month end. The competition of the new leader of the 3 candidates are Paul, senior members of Susanna Nuttall?? Evans and Independence Party activist John Rees – Evans?. (Yan Meng, Bai Yu: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: