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Arts-and-Entertainment Today, you do not just have a party if you want attention. The big parties today that you see on the news or hear others talking about are themed parties. Choosing themes for every type of party is sure to be more fun than just getting together with friends and having cake and ice cream. Before you start planning your party, you should write down a list of things you liked about the last parties you attended as well as the things you did not enjoy. This way you will be sure not to make the same mistakes. Some of the most fun parties are ones that are centered on a specific theme for children and adults. For children they will love such themes as circuses, cartoon characters, super heroes, children’s movies, and of course Barbie and GI Joe. Adults can also enjoy themed parties such as Horror Movies, Civil War, Western, Beach parties, and so on and so forth. The ideas are endless. You can choose a movie, a time period, and locations such as Paris or the Bahamas. Just remember if you plan a themed party, you will have to find all the decorations and party favors etc to match your theme. You may want to put more than one theme on your list until you locate all the necessary items to use for your party. If you have any doubts, you can always hire a party planner. They know where to find everything you need to make your party be fun and run smoothly. The idea of having a theme means that everything about the party will be centered on the item, concept, or idea. All the food, games, decorations, and if you wish costumes, they must also match the theme. To ensure your guests can find the appropriate attire for your party, you should check around at the costume shops and let your guests know on the invitation where they can find the costumes. When your guests begin to arrive, they will know that you put a lot of thought and work into this party since every item including the food matches your theme perfectly. In most cases, the party will also run much smoother since everything was planned in advance and not just thrown together at last minute. Choosing a theme for your party may be difficult if you are not sure what all the guests enjoy. For children it is pretty simple as most enjoy any cartoon character. However, adults have so many different interest that you may not be able to .e up with the perfect theme that will fit all their personalities. If this is your dilemma, then you can always plan a sock hop using a DJ and entertainers singing songs of their time. If most of the guests grew up in the 50’s, plan to have music from the 50’s and so on and so forth. At least this way, you will be more than likely playing it safe and providing a great themed party every guest will enjoy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: