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Parcel second illegal entry into the recipient list of dishonest staff is a double eleven, to the sea Amoy friends can pay attention. About November 4th, deputy director of Nanjing exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau Zhu Ronghua guest network interview, entry parcel introduced early warning system of good faith query, if immigrants parcels second times by the recipient will be cut, included in the list of dishonest staff, the future may also influence abroad. In addition, after the inspection and quarantine department for the record of the list of imported electricity supplier platform, will be published on the internet. Then the public as long as the Internet query, you can know what electricity supplier platform more reliable. Modern Express correspondent Lu Yuyu ZAKER Nanjing correspondent Yang Feifei 100% security warning system integrity of inbound parcels the future will affect the public exit the modern express reporter learned that, during the annual double eleven, twelve shopping peak, entry-exit mail will increase a lot, go to the eleven day after two years reached more than 30 thousand. Zhu Ronghua said that in order to effectively protect the country’s bio safety, speed up customs clearance, this year will take three measures. One is the implementation of the "human machine dog" for all inbound parcels three-in-one comprehensive inspection mode. "Mail to 100% machine check. There are quarantine dogs, meat products, aquatic products and other animal products generally detected more obvious." Zhu Ronghua introduced in the post inspection site as well as laboratory checks, specifically for all intercepted animal and plant products for disease, insect, weed screening. In addition, this year also introduced a warning system integrity. "We developed the postal inspection information regulatory system, for each interception of parcels, the use of PAD throughout the recording information and pictures, this system can timely push to the recipient, parcels intercepted messages. The recipient opened SMS link, can be found in the case of intercepted parcels. On the second illegal entry of parcels, the system can also automatically prompt warning, we will put him on the list of dishonest staff." Modern Express reporter learned that the current credit is only involved in administrative penalties, personal credit system does not affect the other. However, the early warning system will be extended to the national integrity of the port, will affect the immigration. For future queries in the online business platform are friends that he had been in the online purchase of a jar of imported milk powder, the wrapping paper was simply posted up, "copycat". How to identify the hand to buy "imported goods" is true or false? Zhu Ronghua said that in order to prevent the purchase of fake goods, first of all, as far as possible from the formal, after the inspection and quarantine departments for the record of the electronic business platform and business enterprises to buy. Secondly, to view the Chinese label. Formal channels of imports of food must have a Chinese label, the label has the provisions of importers, distributors telephone, the public can call to inquire. Third, the inspection and quarantine departments of import of cross-border electricity supplier of food and other consumer goods to implement quality and safety traceability mechanism, the public should pay attention to online shopping for the bill, and that through the screenshots and other way to keep the purchase records and promotional materials. Modern Express reporter learned that, at present, all the formal import of electronic business platform has passed the inspection and quarantine departments for the record, the future.相关的主题文章: