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" Pan Jinlian " 11 male and 3 female contract bursting point card ice head 8 shirt "I am not Pan Jinlian" Yang Jinya, Huang Zhuo, Liu Shuaiwen poster Sina entertainment news Toronto local time the evening of September 8th 22:15, Feng Xiaogang Fan Bingbing, [micro-blog] [micro-blog] two degrees of cooperation "I am not Pan Jin Lotus" was finally unveiled. Feng Xiaogang three years, Fan Bingbing again precipitated this by the San Sebastian Film Festival Best Actress nomination, "I am not Pan Jinlian" did not reflect the first heat, the world premiere of the 1725 movie tickets a day before a sold out. First a good viewing experience, laughter, and two carefree applause. The movie before, Feng Xiaogang in a short speech specifically mentioned on form of innovation concerns, but to watch the film, Sina entertainment that circle mask and three frame transform is a successful attempt. Feng Xiaogang was to retain the original black humor, will not lose their Feng’s humor. Fan Bingbing Murabu Taecho, the actor playing a small but brisk performance. [from novel to film: the original ending subversion] "I am not Pan Jinlian" is a serious modern "Officialdom", open Li Xuelian’s petition, probe is actually the life logic behind the lawsuit. The film respecting the original stories and details, especially inherited the original style of black humor in Feng Xiaogang’s words, "I am not Pan Jinlian" is the third kind of humor — a sense of humor behind.   although there is no impassioned laughter, but the actors poker-faced interpretation of the absurd from the bottom line in today’s society, or let the premiere laugh again and again, there are two play the audience applauded excitedly. The film follows the original ramble storytelling style, the direct use of storytelling tell the story. The movie starts with Feng Xiaogang’s narration about Pan Jinlian falling eternal infamy, then Feng Xiaogang the narrator throughout the entire film, the perspective of God’s narrator breaks the movie into a sense of storytelling way increase the absurdity and taste of joking. Compared with the original, the film version of the biggest adaptation is the outcome, although this part of the space accounted for only 6 minutes, but subvert the whole play. Motivation: the novel of Li Xuelian and Qin Yu He fake divorce reason is the second child, the film version is changed into a more fit the realistic motivation, so the novel relates to children’s part in the movie all gone. But in the last six minutes, the movie has been reversed, Li Xuelian tell us, the problem is just an excuse. The original Li Xuelian rensili, adds a bit of love so change is her motives, seem to be able to understand for the audience. Outcome: the original 20 years of Li Xuelian petition story is only the preamble, and the last ten pages of the former county magistrate for the people of the short story is the text, which is the original idea of the elaborate. The story of Li Xuelian in "text" before the start, she planned to hang at a fixed when it is understood Feng Xiaogang also consider to make movies here came to an abrupt end. But this version of the Toronto show adds a 6 minute ending and is completely different from the original text. Name:)相关的主题文章: