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The owner is not the amount of consumption has jumped gas word: Sinopec equipment fault yesterday users broke the news, Tongzhou Sinopec gas station card after the self-help is not out of oil, the amount of consumption of the show began to run a word. In this regard, Sinopec reply, the accident is caused by equipment failure, such as the presence of human factors, will be severely dealt with, will not be tolerated. The source said, Sinopec gas station is located near the Tongzhou District old ship flour factory. Beijing morning news reporter was released at the time of the video to see, consumers will be inserted into the fuel card 92 gasoline self-service tanker, oil price of $6.05 per liter. When he just took off the gas gun has not pressed the button, the number on the screen began to beat, the amount of consumption jumped from 0 yuan to $2.16, he also showed a reduction in the balance of the fuel card. "A drop of oil is not added, the word has been on the rise". Reporters saw, there are obvious signs of Sinopec tanker. In this regard, the official Xinhua news agency said micro-blog, the event is due to equipment failure, and apologized to consumers. If there is a human factor found, Sinopec will be dealt with severely, will not be tolerated. The next step will be the organization of all gas stations for self-examination, strengthen the quality of oil quality management, and effectively safeguard the interests of consumers".相关的主题文章: