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Team-Building Who are Outside? Outside are a team building .pany with a difference, with a creative twist, with a sense of adventure, with a lot of fun and passion and with a real purpose. Outside offer a wide variety of team building events and activity days, all of which make the most of our exciting outdoor location. Outside understand the importance of developing essential workplace skills and enhancing team development so the events are designed to drive positive change and bring the best out in your staff or team. Outside events are not rigid and fixed but are highly flexible so that the day is always tailored and personalised to suit your requirements. Team Building Events Our creative team building events are listed below to stimulate your thinking but they are by no means set in stone. We have rarely run the same event twice so tell us which events you like and we will customise a day’s activities just for you. All of our team building events are based outdoors in the fantastic setting of Eastnor Castle estate. Our events are goal orientated, engaging and are designed to enhance workplace skills building on the performance of an individual and the team. It is very important to us that your day is rewarding, purposeful, inclusive, collaborative and fun with everyone feeling that they have achieved a personal goal and gained knowledge. From cookery to photography, from pioneering to .munication, from mentally stimulating giant puzzles to adrenalin packed high and low ropes challenges. Wilderness Cooking Take a breath of fresh air and .e to a different type of culinary team build day. The kitchen’ is situated in the woods around the Castle where you will learn about outdoor and survival cooking such as roasting food over a fire, fire pits, stews and smoking fish. The locally sourced produce will provide the basis for your team to work in groups to produce a meal in an environment, which they have probably never experienced before. It is a group challenge and regardless of how skilled you are in the kitchen at home, nature’s kitchen is a different ball game and a new challenge. The team will work towards a three course meal, which they will all get to enjoy at the end of the day. The activity is designed to focus on .munication skills, leadership, creativity and initiative whist being fun and tasty! Picture Perfect This event uses photography to highlight to teams the importance of working together and how each individual role contributes to the team or organisation as a whole. The participants are given cameras and given the task of creating a large photographic mosaic of the whole team. This requires careful planning and .munication as well as group management. The teams will also have to tackle some collaborative tasks in order to .plete the challenge successfully. It allows for many skills to .e to the fore and does not require all participants to be overly active. The group will leave with a memory of the day, which will act as a reminder of how they can achieve an objective by working closely together. Creative Expression Set your creativity free with this activity that is designed to promote free expression whilst developing or enhancing individual and group creativity. This is not an art course but a team building event situated in the Castle grounds, which uses natural materials found on the estate to create pieces of art. To be successful the participants need to work together in small groups, by planning, using their initiative and managing the flow of ideas. The final challenge is to create a giant picture as one large group with just the natural materials around them and of course their imagination. The Venue Outside are exclusively based at Eastnor Castle, which is situated in the Malvern Hills, an area of natural beauty. The Castle offers a venue packed with prestige, high quality facilities for meetings, ac.modation and dining, all of which create a special and memorable experience. The Estate provides 5,000 acres of varied terrain and Outside work with the natural topography of the land to involve underground and tree-top activities with everything in between. Using the surrounding environment and natural elements we are able to create team building days that are invigorating, inspiring and best of all a real break from the city and the office environment. Whilst the venue is situated in the heart of the countryside it is only ten minutes from the national motorway network. The Castle is 2 miles east of Ledbury on the A438 Tewkesbury road. About the Author: By: Sandy Z – How do you be.e a real leader? Leaders always have a vision. They know where they are going. 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