One hundred thousand why why is the animation in the spring school

One hundred thousand why: why is the animation in the spring school? Aloha, your little partner old driver ~ to the current "one hundred thousand why" column time! In this issue of the program, the mother will continue to raise some questions about ACG, give the brain hole open answer! If the end of the show and what you want to discuss the topic, please do not hesitate to put forward in this forum, the penguin Niang may be in the future in the column to give answers why are yo ~Q204. cartoon opens in spring? The source of doubt: various campus theme animation works hard index: the analysis assumes events: imperceptibly is September and you occupation for their buddies is not already dragging a wave after the summer tired body and don’t know no summer jobs back to school now? There is an invigorating autumn climate in the summer in September, autumn season head tail entrance has long been China’s students are accustomed to the fan, and the Japanese anime protagonist in the cherry petals in the spring head — April admission to the traditional. What is the reason? Answer: to say that China and Japan belong to East Asia, what is the traditional custom, the students can diffuse a narrow strip of water, often in the irrational enrollment in April this point really let the penguin girl confused. The old driver privately told the penguin Niang said "this is just a reflection of the reality of animation works, because the Japanese society actually either school or new employees are in the spring, but the mother did not think this penguin rhetoric and fundamentally explain the reason of the enrollment in the spring of the gauge! In the study of the "King’s daughter" package such as "the magical Gakuen" "devil DxD" and other outstanding university campus theme animation works, the penguin mother suddenly found an important reason for the masses have been ignored! Choose spring semester is to make the role of women in the works can produce more lose impulse of actor, so as to promote the expansion of harem plot! As everyone knows, the spring is wrong, fertility, growth season, all showing a thriving state, economic vitality, as all things spiritual human nature also cannot avoid custom, from the beginning of April divided into × minutes; heart bud pumping state. Let us recall the new semester content animation works in the works, which is not surrounded by a cherry petals fly, pink, a gentle rhythm is coming into the campus? Under the color pink with a teaser in this adorable girl are natural environment, also inspire the hearts yearning for a better love, like with the spring, uh, gunpowder firecrackers like a little, no wonder that diffuse in Japan as a new round of students ah drop actor from school will be adorable all kinds of gestures of the girl! The body of the female hormones have been forced out of it! At the same time, there is another advantage of spring enrollment, that is not far away from the summer. After admission after a training, but not as long as the Taiji actor have been a better woman to Raiders, favorability up close to about three months until this spring, summer can immediately go to the swimming pool or the beach with places like doing]相关的主题文章: