On Thursday 002 SMG analysis four main for Qatar no chance yezimei

On Thursday 002 SMG analysis: four main suspension Qatar no chance Thursday 002 international tournament in Qatar VS Russia 2016-11-11 00:00 location: Weather: Sunny Qatar 22 degrees in this situation: Qatar Qatar world cup twelve strong Asian Games performance in general, the 4 round group phase finishes only made only 1 wins and 3 negative results, qualifying the situation worrying, and because the four players in the game and Iran are violations of sports moral behavior, is FIFA be suspended, defender Hassan, Muff Tagg, Abdulrahman and Abdullah are four of the main striker missed the team three games remaining, which makes Qatar combat discount, although overall, Qatar’s home court battle is very fierce, the last 6 home court tournament win foot 5 games, but in the face of strength was stronger than his russian, Team to win at home and the board has been the ideal outcome. The status of Russia: Russia is the host of the 2018 World Cup team, so no need to participate in the qualifiers, the European Cup this year experienced a painful defeat after the new manager Cherchesov young as the main task in front of the training team, called up more new faces, a list of 24 people 17 people on behalf of the national team the number of all 10 games in the team, so the team is very young, and the fighting capacity of the state is not stable, and the European Cup after Russia played all 3 friendlies, only to win the next game, running the new tactical exercise visible is the main purpose of the team, the road in the face of Qatar, Russia wants to win is not easy. One track: the two teams last race record, Qatar home court draw with russia. Game Analysis: SMG Shengping Fu played out 4.20-3.16-1.74 SP, carefully expressed the visiting team advantage, Qatar’s home court force is very powerful, but Russia’s recent winning percentage is not high, the disc to the guest Let the hemisphere high water start, lack of funds involved in the footwall, having upper level continue to rise, but the scale change does not end too much, the guest data mainstream companies more condensed, Qatar also participated in the twelve finals next week, the game will inevitably be retained, the disc deliberately made plate resistance under the condition of the game the Russian victory, SMG Shengping Fu played radio main negative suggestions.相关的主题文章: