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Old drivers do not necessarily know how to quickly remove the window glass how to clean the car air conditioning how to remove the smell of car air conditioning rain driving, for some drivers, it may be a headache. We can often see that the road is very wide, the car is very small, but the driver is slower than the snail, because the window glass fog blocked their view. Today, let’s talk about how to get rid of the rain quickly in the rainy day. Rainy day why the car window fog? In fact, is a very simple physical phenomenon, with the winter wear glasses fog is the same. In the rain outside the car temperature is low, and the car temperature is high, humidity, coupled with the breath of the gas when people encounter cold glass will form water vapor, condensation on the window. The front windshield glass demisting 1 equipped with automatic air conditioning, press the front windshield defrosting button, the outside air will enter the car, and the automatic selection of air conditioning. The internal loop mode cannot be selected when the air allocation position is selected. Blower speed and temperature control will automatically run, and can not be manually adjusted, blower set for high-speed operation. 2, equipped with manual air conditioning will be sent to the wind control knob to turn off the fog, you need to manually select the air volume, air conditioning will automatically default to the outer loop mode. Some of the older models to adjust the internal and external cycle is the manual lever type, so that the air conditioning can not automatically adjust the internal and external circulation, it is recommended to manually select the external loop mode of fog. After the windshield glass demisting heater for use of windows, rear windshield defrosting and defogging. There is a separate switch button on the air conditioner panel, whether manual or automatic. It should be noted, however, that the heater works only when the engine is running. Most vehicles will automatically turn off the heater after a few minutes. This heater is only defrost or mist, and can not play the role of snow removal. The problem of fog on the vehicle is very common, many times it is easy to cause an accident due to lack of sight. As long as the rational use of air conditioning system can effectively reduce traffic accidents caused by fog.相关的主题文章: