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Oil prices jumped and the stock market rebound in U.S. bond yields bottoming – Sohu financial FX168 – U.S. Treasury yields higher Wednesday, as oil prices and rising stock markets. U.S. Treasury yields fell to a year earlier, as the data showed that the slowdown in the U.S. services sector, the U.S. economy more worried about the weakening of the more. Index 10 year treasury bond yields fluctuate sharply today, intraday decline through technical resistance, the lowest since February 5, 2015 to 1.7930%, and then rebounded to 1.883%. The yield on treasury bonds was 2.30% at the start of the year, as oil prices and stock markets fell this year, and investors sought safe havens, and yields fell sharply from this level. In January, services in the United States slowed to nearly two years, indicating that economic growth slowed further in the first quarter, despite the resilience of the labor market. "The rebound in long-term Treasury yields indicates real concern about domestic economic growth," said Janney Montgomery Scott, chief strategist at fixed income at Guy LeBas. Is the next major economic data will be released on Friday’s employment report, according to the median forecast of 108 analysts polled by Reuters Townsend, January is expected to increase 190 thousand non farm jobs in america. In, ADP Employer Services, a nongovernmental employment service, showed that in January, American private employers added 205 thousand jobs, higher than analysts’ estimates. Dudley, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, said on Wednesday that the financial situation has been tightened since the Federal Reserve decided to raise interest rates in December, and if that continues, policymakers will have to think about it. The US federal funds rate futures are now hinting that traders expect the fed to no longer raise interest rates this year. The Bank of Japan unexpectedly cut interest rates to negative on Friday, helping to boost demand for US Treasury bonds, as yields on US Treasuries were higher than yields on sovereign debt in Japan and europe. The Treasury Department said on Wednesday that it would reduce the size of treasury bonds and increase the size of treasury bonds in the first quarter. Oil prices surged 8% on Wednesday, ending the first two days of tumbling, and the stock market moved up from late to late.

油价跳涨和股市反弹 美债收益率触底回升-搜狐理财   FX168讯美国国债收益率周三收高,因油价和股市上涨。美债收益率稍早跌至一年低位,因数据显示,美国服务业增长放缓,对美国经济更加疲弱的担忧加重。   指标10年期国债收益率今日大幅波动,盘中跌穿技术阻力位,至2015年2月5日以来最低的1.7930%,后回升至1.883%。   该指标国债收益率年初时为2.30%,因为今年开局油价和股市下跌,投资者寻求避险资产,之后收益率从该水平大幅下跌。   1月美国服务业活动放缓至近两年低位,表明经济增长在第一季开始进一步放缓,尽管劳动力市场维持韧性。   “长期国债收益率反弹,表明对国内经济增长有真正的担忧,”Janney Montgomery Scott固定收益首席策略师Guy LeBas称。   下一个主要经济数据是将于周五发布的就业报告,根据汤森路透访查的108位分析师的预估中值,预计1月美国增加19万个非农就业岗位。   民间就业服务机构ADP Employer Services周三发布的报告显示,1月美国民间雇主增加了20.5万个工作岗位,高于分析师的预估。   纽约联邦储备银行总裁杜德利周三称,自从12月美联储会议决定加息以来,金融状况大为收紧,如果这种状况持续,决策者将不得不对此加以考虑。   美国联邦基金利率期货现在暗示,交易员预计美联储今年将不再升息。   日本央行上周五意外将利率下调为负也帮助提振对美国国债的需求,因美债收益率高于日本和欧洲主权债收益率。   美国财政部周三称,将在第一季度全面减少发行国债规模,增加发行国库券规模。   油价周三急升8%,终结了前两日的大跌走势,股市在尾盘交易中由跌转升。相关的主题文章: