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Web-Development Today web presence is a must for any institution, be it a small business, a charity or any other kind of organization. As the need to expand operations and reducing the bottom line operating costs continues to gain momentum, more and more clients are looking to offshore web development services. Among these offshore choices, there is nothing better than trusting a web development company in India. There are many key specialties of these offshore web development companies in India. First thing is of course the price advantage. India has developed its entire software industry on this very factor. If you will get your website developed in India, you will be spending as low as a third of the amount that you would have paid to get the website developed in your own company. This is because of many reasons- a favorable exchange rate, increasing competition among local companies in India and the cheap labor force available in the country. Second reason – Why you should go for India based offshore Web Development Services is that Indian web development companies have built considerable expertise in terms of both technical knowledge and domain expertise. This means that not only will your offshore team understand what your website has to look and perform like, they also understand your core business operations. With this combined knowledge, these companies ensure that you get the best results and return on investment (ROI). There are many advantages of combined domain and technical expertise, first being that you need not worry about compliance issues in an increasingly tight regulatory environment. Third thing that goes in favor of India based web development services is that you will generally get very flexible pricing models. Most of the companies operate on hour based pricing model or a consolidated single amount pricing model. Depending upon your budget and preferred working model, you can choose the pricing model. This is very important especially when your organization is extremely price sensitive. Fourth factor is that an Indian web development company generally offers a complete package deal. You need not worry about getting the domain name from one company, development work done from another, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from a third one and hosting the entire thing with a fourth company. With an integrated model, you will get a ready to use, turnkey solution. You can of course ask for customization as needed but generally the web development company will be able to deliver the best output with minimal involvement from your side. Finally, the maintenance and upkeep of the website remains a very affordable proposition. Generally the original service contract of web development services include a certain maintenance period. After that, you can still extend the maintenance contract which is not just really affordable but very effective because as it caters to all the maintenance and allied needs of the website over the long period of time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: