Ode to joy 2 scenes photos Liu Tao reveals the truth, tears burst pretty rhythm

"Ode to joy" 2 scenes photos: Liu Tao reveals the truth, tears burst Liu Tao to take a paper towel to wipe tears ifeng.com entertainment news being shot in the "2" Ode to joy and road radiographic exposure, Andy and Liu Tao as the play’s brother once again staged love drama! From the stills, Liu Tao came to visit his brother, sister seems to have a scene in the pavilion, Liu Tao also took out paper towel to wipe the tears, it seems, this is a crying scene! Liu Tao and his brother in April this year, the "Ode to joy" first born, once broadcast immediately triggered National Opera boom and widely discussed, produce numerous hot topic at the same time also launched a number of typical characters popular; the distinctive styles of "Five" is causing a large number of users. A strong sense of substitution ", formed a screen like" wave of joy". It is reported that in September 28th, produced by the Dongyang film company, the midday sun Shandong television production Limited by Share Ltd, hole Sheng Yuan Zidan writer, producer, Jane, Chuan he directed by Zhang Kaizhou, adapted from a popular novel of the same name of the city women’s emotional inspirational drama "Ode to joy" in 2 Shanghai official start. "Ode to joy" 2 lineup will build the "Ode to joy" the first Chinese continue to talk about what happened in Residential District 22 building five song of joy and the different girl deeply attached to each other a series of friendship, love, family, career and dream.相关的主题文章: