October 10th unanimously the most promising 10 gold stocks zngay

In October 10th 10 most promising mechanism consistent gold stocks Longma sanitation: open a new mode of sanitation service investment advice. We believe that the advantages of the company’s development is obvious, the service model is outstanding, forecast 16-18 EPS were 0.773 1.089 1.625 yuan. Combined with the performance and valuation levels, we continue to give the company "buy" investment rating. GF Securities: Harbin Pharmaceutical shares of SOE reform landing two times is set to take off the first cover, given the recommended rating: generic drugs as a veteran of state-owned enterprises, the equity incentive will inject new vitality into the company performance inflection point will usher in the next year. Endogenous aspects, through the depth of the second line to improve the company’s product structure to improve the gross margin, while the implementation of the franchise network model, the maximum shortening of the intermediate circulation, control sales costs. The extension, the company funded, started to buy new varieties of work this year, the industry resource integration brings opportunities for generic conformance evaluation policy, the company will use its own product line, the greatest degree of marketing channel and integration of varieties play a synergistic effect. We expect the company 2016-2018 EPS were 0.29 yuan, respectively, $0.44 and $0.59, the corresponding valuation of 32 times, 21 times and 16 times, for the first time coverage, given the recommended rating, target price of $11. Ping An Securities: Baan water continue to force PPP order profit forecast: 16-17 the company expects to achieve net profit of 1.88 yuan, 282 million, YOY+143.64%, 50.23%, diluted EPS were 0.42 and 0.63 yuan, the current 16-17 dynamic PE42X, corresponding to 28X shares, the company’s business expansion has continued, the future high speed high growth uncertainty, given to "buy" suggested that the target price of 20 yuan (2017 PE31.7X). Capital Securities Electric: benefit from the depth of cloud computing power market outbreak earnings forecasts and investment rating: 2016-2018 the company expects EPS of 0.42 yuan, 0.62 yuan, 0.79 yuan, corresponding to PE59 40 31X. We are optimistic about the company’s recent earnings in the field of charging piles and the depth of the benefits of the outbreak of the mid HVDC market, giving a buy rating. Soochow securities source: meet the DC power supply industry change allotment plan approved, to further expand production capacity and improve R & D investment company shares plan approved, intends to raise funds 800 million yuan. After obtaining funding, the company on the one hand to continue to expand the production capacity and technical level of the Anhui plant, on the one hand, close to 300 million R & D center to maintain the company’s technological advantages. In addition, the company will repay some of the bank loans will effectively reduce financial costs, enhance profitability. Earnings forecasts and investment rating: EPS is expected to 2016-2018 0.17 yuan, $0.21, $0.26, corresponding to PE66 56 44X. We are optimistic about the layout of the company in the HVDC industry and is expected to enter the rapid development period in 2017, giving a buy rating. Soochow securities ringpu biological: pet medical industry accelerates the layout of investment advice: the company expects 2016 coupons相关的主题文章: