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Ochoa Invitational Smith career first half lead Yan cyanine column T7- sports Sohu Beijing time on November 12th, the total prize money of up to $1 million LPGA Ochoa Invitational Golf Tournament, entered into the second game for the day at the Mexico golf club in Mexico. Australia’s Sarah – Jayne Smith shot 68 under par 4, a total score of 9 under par, half to lead the standings. Sarah Jane Smith by 2 shots ahead of local players, from Mexico City, South Korea Lopez Gaby Xu Meizhen and Maria of Columbia – about Alvaro uribe. The rookie of the year in 2006 has not been a second lead in her career and is looking for her first win on the LPGA tour. "I really feel a little nervous today. I’ve never been in this position before." Sarah – Smith said, "so even today I’m a little nervous, but I’m glad I dealt with it the way. I hope I can continue to do what I’ve been doing and see what happens." Local players Gaby Lopez played really well, the fans love the home court player in her hometown club hit 65 pole, caught 1 balls and 6 eagle bird ball. "This is a very special round, here for my country, in my hometown to play, at my home, this is just a very special thing. There are many people who support me, or I play well, either played bad, so here is very special, I feel very happy, I have a great year, I just enjoy the rest of the season, I have two days to play the game, just to prove to myself that I can do what." Yan Jing, China’s current round of the game played 67 shots, with a total score of less than par par par 139, tied for the top seventh in the top 5. (Alse)相关的主题文章: