Nomura warning Jo Trump victory or lead the Asian stock market fell more than 6%

Nomura warning: Jo Trump victory or lead the Asian stock market fell more than 6% Nomura holdings in a research report published on Monday that the U.S. presidential election is the market since the global financial crisis had to deal with the biggest known unknown factors. The broker said that if Trump won the election, is likely to lead to more than 6% of the Asian stock market fell. The election may bring the Asian stock market trading volume and volatility increases in both the reason is compared with the British and European referendum, the U.S. presidential election is a more important thing for Asian investors, Societe Generale Asia Pacific stock and cash under the global executive Stephen · is responsible for the service; Loiseau (Stephane Loiseau) said. The bank plans to add to its front office, back office and technical department, to ensure that we have a clear upgrade system to deal with investment decisions, and may raise the risk limit. Melbourne market institutions IG Markets chief market strategist Chris · Weston (Chris Weston) said that the company has to improve the stock index and some $trading margin requirements, from the previous 0.5% to 1%, but did not think the stock market will be large-scale collapse will move up sharply". According to sources familiar with the matter, HSBC will be in London and Hongkong China and other major trading center to increase trading floor staff to respond to customer needs. A spokesman for Europe’s biggest bank said: "before any high-profile, may make the market major fluctuations in the incident, adding some trading desks to expand staff are normal things." He also said that in the UK during the referendum, the bank has also taken measures to increase manpower. Major U.S. stock exchanges on Monday, the official told the Reuters that they do not plan to take additional measures to deal with the stock market may be a shock situation. In the third quarter of this year received the Northern Trust Company (Northern Trust) survey of stock and trust fund managers, more than half of the respondents said they expected the election will lead to market volatility rose sharply. (Nebula)相关的主题文章: